Monday, 2 June 2014

Weekly photos from 26 of May to the 1 st of June, 2014

As fotinhas da semana. Foi uma semana literalmente escura com frio e chuva, mas ao menos melhorou no fim-de-semana. Infelizmente o meu dia de anos foi marcado pelo frio e pela escuridão, mas eu tinha de vestir a prenda que os avós me deram e claro que depois usei um casacão de malha bem quente e uns collants também grossos.

The weekly photos post.  We had a bit of dark week with cold and rain but at least it got better for the weekend. Unfortunately my birthday was a cold and dark day too, but I had to wear the birthday present my grandparents gave me, of course I topped the dress with a very warm winter cardigan and the tights were also thick.

As três fotos foram tirada no Santuário de Fátima onde fui no sábado. A viagem durou o dia todos, mas como estava doente (o estúpido do período fez questão de aparecer precisamente naquele dia!!!!) não consegui participar das atividades e passei praticamente o dia todo sentada… Eu gosto muito de ir a Fátima porque me deixa sempre com um sentimento de paz. Até mesmo doente é diferente. Estavam lá tantos estrangeiros e tanta gente jovem! É bom saber que a religião e a fé (qualquer que ela seja) não estão a desaparecer nas gerações mais novas. Foi um dia cheio de sol, mas sem calor o que o tornou perfeito para a peregrinação.

Those three photos were taken in the Sanctuary of Fátima where I went on Saturday. The trip lasted the whole day and unfortunately since I was sick (freaking period decided to make its appearance specifically on that day!!!!!!) I could not take part of the activities and spent most of the time sitting down… I always like to go there because it brings you such a feeling of peace.  Even if you are sick it still feels different somehow. There were a lot of foreigner and so many young people! It’s good to know that religion and faith (all of them) aren’t disappearing in the hearts of the younger generations. The day was filled with sunshine but it was not too hot so it was perfect for such a pilgrimage. 

O meu vestido azul-escuro, que usei no meu aniversário. Não dá para ver como deve de ser porque estava muito escuro, não havia luz de jeito. Mesmo assim ainda apanhei bastante frio com o meu casaco quente e collants grossos… mas o dia de sábado compensou por tudo! Recebi mais dois presentes que vou ver se vos mostro esta semana, mas um deles, o tempo tem de ajudar… é tão, mas tão chatinho este tempo!
O meu almoço de Domingo, já que o meu estômago não estava bem (a minha altura do mês é de caixão à cova! Afeta-me tudo e conseguir levantar-me da cama, já é muito bom!). estava com medo que aquele verde todos me fosse fazer mal, porque quando o estômago não está bem, muito verde nem sempre ajuda, mas não fez nada e soube-me bem.

My dark blue dress that I wore on my birthday. You can’t see it properly on the photo because it was too dark, there was no proper lighting. Still felt cold the whole day, even with my warm cardigan… but Saturday just made up for it!  I got too more presents that I’ll try to show you this week. One of them will depend on the weather, though… annoying, so very annoying!
Sunday’s lunch, since my stomach was upset (my time of the month is awful. It affects everything and I’m lucky if I can get out of bed and walk normally!). I was afraid to eat all that green because an upset stomach doesn’t usually like it, but nothing wrong came out of it and it was quite good. 

E assim se passou mais uma semana. Esta começou com sol e com a morte de mais um irmão do meu avô. Só restam dois, dos 11. Mas a vida é assim.
Desejo-vos uma ótima semana. Eu já comecei a preparar a review do protetor solar que posso dizer que oficialmente dura dois meses! Mas acho que mais dois dias e acaba de vez.
One more week went by. This one started out with the sun shining and with another one of grandfather’s brothers passing away. Only two are left now, from the 11. But that’s life.
Hope everyone has a great week. I already started to make the review on the sunscreen that I can say it officially lasts two whole months! But one or two more days and it will be gone for good.

Fiquem bem! Até ao meu próximo post!

Take care! See you on my next post!


  1. Wow! Happy Birthday dear, I hope you pass great time
    The dress you wore its lovely and you look prettyI This post its a sad and happy at the same time
    I wish you be well!

  2. Cute pics :)
    I love such Posts :)

  3. our monthly visitor usually ruins a good and exciting day, and belated happy birthday I hope you got lots of presents and celebrated it with loved ones. by the way I think we watch the same video ahahaha for me though I have to reduce the amount of products that I use for summer because it's just so hot in our country

  4. Cool post, babe!


  5. Lovely pics!!!
    Ciao darling, have a lovely day!!!

  6. Meus sentimentos... e triste saber que uma geracao esta por fim!
    Aqui os dias comecaram a esquentar e o povo a reclamar ninguem esta satisfeito, tivemos um inverno super rigoroso e qdo esquenta um pouco mais o povo reclama.Fazer o que? Espero que Deus nao ousa!
    Uma boa semana!

  7. Really pretty pics! Happy birthday! xo!

  8. Hi sweetie, an eventful week, sorry for your great uncle! Have a lovely day my dear!
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  9. Lovely pics..Happy belated birthday :)

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  11. Such cute pics ! :)

    Bisous !

  12. I see that you spent great time in Fatima and what a pity that you felt bad! And your blue b-day dress is so cute!

  13. happy birthday xana! :) youre looking good with your birthday dress, i think the color navy blue looks good on you. i can also relate to how you missed the activities cause of something biological. im sick atm and i cant do my usual running routine and it sucks :D

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  15. Happy belated birthday honey and many many happy returns. Hope the weather improves at your place pretty soon. Lovely pics, thx for sharing.

  16. Bonitas fotos!!! y feliz cumple!!!
    Besos, Marcela♥

  17. Belated Happy Birthday Xana! I like your dark blue dress! It's very simple and casual :) My parents have been wanting to go to Sanctuary of Fatima for a long time now. Hopefully in the future, haha! OMG it's very bitter-sweet indeed during that time of the month! @_@ I get really bad cramps too. So difficult to move! >.< I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences for your family :( Hope everything's better now for you and your family! Keeping you in my prayers!

    Strawberry Bunny

  18. Que gira nas fotos :)

  19. Belated Happy Birthday. I really loved your outfit. I'm now following your blog on GFC, I'd love it if you could follow mine too? xx

  20. Belated happy birthday! Looks like you had a great time, you look amazing with the blue dress! Sorry to hear about your stomach upset though, I hope you'll feel better soon.. stomach-ache is the worse :( Condolence for your lost Alexandra.

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  21. Muitos parabens :) Bjinhos

  22. Such a cute look!! :)

    Layla xx

  23. Such a lovely pic. Check my blog

  24. Oh very beautiful pics!

  25. Amazing post
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  26. wow! a lot sure did happen last week! belated happy birthday dear and our condolences from our family to yours. hope you're feeling better now.