Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Weekly twitter 23 to 29 of December 2013 and 30 of December 2013 to 5 of January 2014

Here goes another two week twitter post! These holiday periods are a bit more complicated.

The first group regards the Christmas week:
This year we got this sweet wooden Christmas tree. I know it’s tiny but it’s different and fun to assemble and it’s a symbol. First picture on the right shows all of our decorations this year. I know, it really doesn’t seem much, but it actually has a bit of meaning to us and like I said, the spirit of the season was still captured in our home. This year I finally got to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and I loved it. I do wish I could own that kitty…
Then we have food, sweets actually. Butter cookies brought to us as a present from our surprise visit on the 24th. A cousin of mine came here with his wife and son. We had a very pleasant afternoon. A cake we bought, made with honey but not that sweet and an after lunch coffee with a sweet pastry. 

New Year’s week comes next:
More food! But first, it’s a shame you can’t see it properly in the photo; I think the photo on my twitter might show it better; a huge nativity scene they set up at a shopping mall close to my house. It was really pretty and everyone wanted to take pictures.
I love soup and I love apples, especially cooked like those. These are cooked with a lot of sugar and a bit of wine. I love to eat these for winter! Oh, and a tiny stick of cinnamon in the middle. On top are some of our fried traditional goodies for Christmas. The thing is you can only eat them the day they are made and the next, after that, they’re no good anymore. 

Grandmother got the flu this year and I’m on my first cold of the year and second this winter season. Still I think this cold of mine won’t last long. Grandmother is a bit better, but not cured yet.

We’ve had a busy two week holidays that, in spite of some family problems, we enjoyed it. Good things have to make up for the bad ones!

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


  1. i love that movie xana! :) tbh the story alice in wonderland seems like a nightmare to me but i like the little details in the story like those "eat me" and "drink me" stuff that makes you smaller or bigger and so on. btw you might like the show once upon a time in wonderland :)

  2. Is very nice see the pics from your holidays dear, many thanks for share, I hope you have a happy New Year 201~

  3. Cute this pics!

  4. wooden Christmas tree looks so cute xD

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  5. Food!!!! One of the best things during the holidays. Hope you and yohr grandma is well now :)