Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Weekly twitter from 18 of November to 1 of December!

Two week of twitter this time! Everything has been a bit confusing and busy. Grandfather has a surgery scheduled for the 11th (nothing very serious) and some family members have finally decided to show their true selves, so it’s been a bit chaotic having to deal with everything. Excuses apart, here are the photos from 18 to 24 of November:

Three photos of food, since I can’t live without it, unfortunately. The ice-cream is from MacDonalds. It’s a bit sweet but it’s good and probably the only thing I would eat regularly there. It’s a shame the bottom picture cannot show the clock properly. It’s incredibly gorgeous and very old. Top pictures show the Sanctuary of Fátima. I really want to go there again, it’s so peaceful and beautiful. And on the left is a pamphlet of the swimming pool I’ve been attending. I hadn’t realized how much I missed swimming. The first day I could hardly move my arms but it felt so good!

The weekly outfit:

Boots – at a Chinese store
Over knee socks – by Primark
Shorts – by Zara Kids
Cotton sweater – at a Chinese store
Thick cardigan – By Zara Kids, boys section

Now, last week’s photos: from 25 of November to the 1st of December:
Very simple! Margarida’s Christmas present that arrived from South Korea. The package contains 3 limited edition eyeshadows by Etude House. The colours are so gorgeous. And just plain me, at home, after my swimming session.

I have to admit that last week was vey disappointing, confusing and very sad. Supposedly you can’t choose your family. You CAN choose to keep them around you or not. Now I’m starting to wonder if I cut ties with the wrong family members and in the end, kept the monsters close to me instead… I just hope that my grandfather’s surgery works out alright because at least we have us three in our home. Guess I must really learn how to live alone, because after my Grandparents leave for good, I can’t count or trust anyone else. But I will be grateful for spending Christmas with just my Grandparents. 

Xau gente, fiquem bem! Até ao meu próximo post!

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


  1. Amazing look.... lovely red touch!!!!
    Kisses honey!

  2. Hi Xana, I hope your grandpa will be good after surgery and everything will be ok. Don't worry about members family, all of us react in such manner which we don't expect and nobody expect. I have relations problem with my sister all my life, so I get used already to her behavior model. Don't worry if you can't comeback to someone blog we are all busy and as for me I understand it completely but when you come back it's such a lovely surprise to read your opinion

    Thank you for your sincere comment, I really appreciate it, and thank you for bigger letters now I can read your post:) I wish your grandpa get better asap

  3. Your outifit is so cute, love it!! :-)

  4. i love the boots!
    I nominated you for the liebster award :D check it out here

  5. Lovely outfit and I hope your grandfather recovers soon:)

  6. aw i wish i can bravely wear high socks too, you look cute :) and i hope your grandfathers minor surgery will be successful :D