Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Liebster Award December 2013! And a big thank you.

Liebster Award!
I was completely taken by surprise! I had seen this on other blogs but I never thought someone would nominate me, of all people! I wonder if I will ever reach the 200 followers…
A girl can dream!
First of all I will thank sweet blogger “The Certified Latebloomer” I really did not expect this and don’t forget to check out her lovely blog with good reviews. The latest one on a Skin79 BB cream just made me want to buy it!

I’m new to this, this is my first time, but from what I can tell it’s a really good way to discover other awesome blogs. I know I have! The rules are quite plain and simple, still I’m quite nervous… I hope I’ll do a decent job.

So now it’s time to answer the question from sweet Latebloomer:

I’m new to this, this is my first time, but from what I can tell it’s a really good way to discover other awesome blogs. I know I have! The rules are quite plain and simple, still I’m quite nervous… I hope I’ll do a decent job.
So now it’s time to answer the question from sweet Latebloomer:

1 Favorite type of music and what song you’re addicted to right now?
Tricky question for me. 2 types: Japanese Rock and Korean Pop. I know, very different, but it is how it is. And strangely enough the song I’m addicted to now, is: “Saki Midareshi Hana”, one of the opening theme songs for the OVAs of Prince of Tennis.

2 Cooking or baking lately? What was the weirdest reaction that you got when someone tasted your creation?
I’m more into baking and trying out vegan type desserts. Actually the weirdest reaction I got was from my grandfather when he said the he really liked the oatmeal cookies I had made. I could see in his face that he did like it, that he wasn’t just being nice to me.

3 I always ask this, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Or are you a cake person?
Again, can’t I be both??? Summer I do tend to eat more ice cream than cake, but when the cold comes along… cake calls out to me!
Favourite flavour of icecream is called scrock (I buy it at an icecream shop close to where I live and it’s the name they gave it). It contains nuts and almonds; it’s very crunchy and not too sweet.

4 What is your biggest dream in life that you think is hard to achieve?
My biggest dream is to be happy, very happy and unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to achieve it!

5 Hey since it's Christmas/Holiday Season, what is on the top of your wishlist?
On the top of my wishlist is the eyeshadow palette by Etude House from the & Rose collection. But I don’t seem to find it anywhere now…

6 Biggest fear or fascination in life?
My biggest fear is losing my loved ones. I’m sorry for this answer but this has been a bit of a harsh period this year with grandfather’s surgery and finding out that family has been tricking you, hurting you and stabbing you in the back.

7 Why did you start blogging anyway?
I decided to try and trade my paper diary for a computer one. A place where I could just write what I thought, almost pour my soul into to it, and if people didn’t like it, they didn’t have to read it. Of course it’s not the same, but since I do like to write, even if it’s about make-up it works really well to relieve my stress. And it has allowed mw to meet wonderful and very interesting people, so I’m glad I started blogging.

8 Bookworm?  Movie goer? What is the best book/movie that you've read/seen so far?
I’ve always been the four-eyed bookworm! Books just speak to me and you can let your own imagination run wild. Truth be told, when I’m reading, it’s just the same as watching a movie in my head.
My favourite book would be by Sophia de Mello Breyner AndresenThe Danish Knight”. I read it as child and could never forget it.

9 The one product that you can't live without is?
I guess I will have to choose soap and any type of cleanser! My whole body needs to be clean, hygiene for me is extremely important.

10 The best place that you've been and always been dreaming of coming back
I haven’t travelled that much, or that far, but I know I would love to go back to Paris. I’ve been there twice, but just for a few hours and it was excruciating the fact that I couldn’t fully enjoy the city.

11 Let's be cheesy, who is your ultimate crush?
So shoot me if I’m undecided again, but they are both so different, but both so good!
Nichkhun from 2PM and DuJun from BEAST. Since I don’t know them personally, I can’t really tell you who I like best…

Questions are done! Now my questions, probably some have been asked before, so forgive  me for that. I’ll try to be original, unlike my silly answers:

1 What was your childhood’s favourite makeup or skincare product to play with? (apparently I liked moisturizers and lipsticks)
2  What’s your favourite season of the year?
3 What’s your favourite fashion item to use throughout the entire year? (I would choose a classy shoulder bag)
4 What is the one makeup item (just makeup, skin care not included) you couldn’t leave the house without applying? (lately for me it’s eyeshadow, my eyes need a bit of colour)
5 Do you practice any sports? And what which is your favourite? (I LOVE basketball but I’m no good at it, so I just stick with swimming)
6 Sorry but I have to ask, any favourite anime?
7 Who do you admire amongst your beloved ones?  (I think you know my answer. Yes, it’s my grandmother. She raised my mother and I, always helped my other two sisters, always tried to keep the family united, all of this while making HUGE sacrifices and putting everyone else ahead of her!)
8  What type of fragrances do you like? (I like fresh fragrances and not to sweet)
Do like horror and terror literature and movies? (I do)
10  If you had a pet, would you dress it up? Or if you do, do you dress you pet in pretty or cool clothes? (If I had one, I would most certainly torture the poor baby and dress it up every day!)
11 Do you still keep a paper diary, the ones that had a lock and a key? ( I do)

Searching for blogger to nominate was difficult because a few have just been nominated and most of the ones I follow are actually way above the 200 followers. That will change, through this award I will visit a lot of new blogs.
And here are the NOMINEES:



Keep Calm and Beautify

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Sachi Life

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I have to admit it wasn’t as hard as I thought and it was quite fun!
This was the best I could do. My grandfather’s surgery is tomorrow and it will take a couple of days to tell the bloggers that I nominated them, unfortunately. At least my mind has been quite busy for the last couple of hours while writing this post.
Hope I did everything right and if not, please forgive my first time faults and mistakes.
Thank you for nominating me and thanks for following and commenting!

Xau gente, fiquem bem! Até ao meu próximo post!

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


  1. oh Prince of Tennis, i remember trying to go home really really early just to watch it on tv. fascinating name for an ice cream, would love to try it (maybe I'll research and try to make one cross fingers).
    i totally agree with the books part, i read a lot before and I could make my own world, too bad I've been busy lately and neglected to read the books that I hoarded (I still have around 15 to read).
    your grandpa will be okay :) (prayers for the success of the operation and fast recovery)

    nichkhun visited our country twice :) didn't managed to meet or see him in person but I really like him in running man

    by the way thanks for answering my *ahem* weird questions which is so unrelated to make-up or skincare but thank goodness you enjoyed this tag. more followers to the two of use :D

  2. the rose palette of etude house reminds me of the naked palette 3, i hope you get it for Christmas xana :) and congratulations on your award i wish that more people will get to know you here because of your kindness :)

  3. Congrats darling.... interesting answers!!!!

  4. UU congratulation :) Nuovo post :)

  5. congrats to those nominated! ( : yay i love kpop too ( :