Tuesday, 17 September 2013

JOLSE and Etude House Happy Essential foam cleanser

It’s been a while… since I made a review!

This last order I placed went so smoothly, I can’t wait to make another one! So here it goes.

Around mid August I found out about a Korean cosmetic store online. So far I had only used ebay but for some reason that store just seemed really good! It has an amazing choice when it comes to brands and the items themselves, it’s impossible you don’t find what you are looking for! I discovered a few brands I did not know and a lot of nice products that I really want to try. I also got lucky because they were having a lot of promotions and one of them was a 10% off on all Etude House products and the two products I needed were by Etude, so I placed the order. My sister and I use paypal. Everything went well, no problems whatsoever with the payment, and as soon as they got the money, they sent our items. It took precisely 2 weeks between placing the order and the arrival! FAST SERVICE! I was so happy when the order arrived!!!! 

And now, I present you the store:  JOLSE http://cosmetic.jolse.com/
Fell in love with this store very quickly. Again, they have a HUGE variety of brands and products with VERY good prices and A LOT of promotions! It’s also very easy to navigate and find exactly what you want. Plus, we received many samples of products I really wanted to try and a sachet with oil blotting paper!
Everything was safely wrapped in bubble wrap; it was a very good packaging. And FREE SHIPPING!

Now onto one of the products. Etude House Happy Essential Foam cleanser, the pink variant with Collagen.
What the product says:
Formulated with 40% moisturizers, this creamy cleansing foam gently removes impurities with rich lather, while Marine collagen extract promotes elasticity and firmness. Skin is happy again, feeling clean, smooth and soft.
How to use it: Wet face. Squeeze small amount into palm and rub hands together to form lather. Massage over face avoiding eye area, then rinse thoroughly. 
Packaging: simple but incredibly adorable, as always. Yes, it’s pink and everyone knows that Etude loves pink. That happy smiley face just makes it cute. It had a plastic seal all over, so you would know if someone had opened it or not, and you have to unscrew the lid to remove another seal inside. The plastic on the outside brings the ingredient list in English.
And now it seems that their new items also have instructions in English! They tell you what the product is and how to use it. It contains 150ml.

Fragrance: I was very surprised with this fragrance. The other foam cleansers I had tired from this brand never had strong fragrances. This one smells incredibly good! The smell is amazing; it’s like a garden of flowers! It’s very fresh and it makes me want to wash my face several times a day just to feel the fragrance. It might be too much for people that are allergic or don’t react to well to strong and overpowering fragrances, although, as soon as you wash it off, the smell will also disappear.

Texture: it’s very soft and smooth. You only need a little bit for your entire face. 

How I use it: I splash my face with water and then dry my hands. Apply a little of the foam cleanser on my hands and rub them a little and only then do I massage my face. It looks exactly like the picture on my hand. It doesn’t form that much lather…Then I rinse thoroughly and let my skin absorb the water. I do not use this as a make-up remover! 

Nice amount of product
Amazing flowery fragrance
Makes my skin feel clean
Very mild and soft
NO allergic reaction whatsoever
My skin doesn’t feel dry when it becomes dry
I will probably buy it again!

Doesn’t produce much lather, not even with a bubble maker!
Although my skin doesn’t feel dry, it doesn’t feel very well moisturized either

I hope everyone enjoyed the review and hopefully this might help someone! It’s a shame my camera couldn’t capture the pink hue on the product; it’s very difficult to see, but it’s there.
Again I recommend everyone to check out JOLSE because it’s a really good place to buy Korean cosmetics! JOLSE http://cosmetic.jolse.com/

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


  1. thanks for the detailed review :) we have etude here and my country and i absolutely love it. they have the cutest packaging in the world hihi

  2. i would love to try the products too!

  3. I love Etude House! They have the cutest packaging! Thanks for the review, it looks like it's so interesting to try it. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  4. I have this in green tea (green packaging) and I find that it lathers quite well. Of course, I keep my hands wet when I try to form the foam. I even add a little water to it. :)