Monday, 5 August 2013

Sweet make up of the day and lovely OOTD

Another sunny day!
Already did my very basic ballet workout for the day, but I think I might still gout again and walk a bit more. Grandmother isn’t feeling very well today, unfortunately. I’ll go alone. Oh! And tomorrow hopefully our car will pass the annual inspection. Hopefully!!!!!!

The make up in this post I used it yesterday, inspired by the dress itself. It’s very pretty, the colour and the pattern as well. My middle sister ordered it for her on ebay, but it didn’t look good on her so she gave it to me! Our family is amazing when it comes to clothing! Everyone exchanges clothing all the time, from grandmother to daughters and granddaughters and the other way around, between us sisters as well! 

First the products are as follows:
For my face I used:
Uriage Hyseac Fluid oily to combination skin SPF 50+ - oil free, it hydrates and has a mattifying effect. On me, there is no white cast whatsoever like a lot of people complain about. Big white tube.
Kiko Sunproof BB cream – I’ve been using every day for 3 whole weeks now. It’s a bit darker than my skin but you can hardly tell the difference. In the middle standing, beige tube.
Skin Glow Moisturizer – used it as a highlighter this time, since I applied sunscreen. On the left side, big pink tube.

Kiko SunBronzing Blush – Mariachi Pink 103, far right with the mirror.
For my eyes:
Etude House Proof 10 eyeprimer – love it very much, use it every day, light beige container between the sunproof bb cream and the uriage hyséac fluid
L’OCCITANE eyeshadow – the very light violet colour inside that round container close to the blush. All over my eyelid
Bourjois green eyeshadow – I guess it’s easy to find out where it is. The box actually broke after more than 8 years. But has you can see, the eyeshadow is still there and very usable. There is no reference to the colour in the container. Used this colour on the inner corner of the eye. You can only tell a slight hue in the picture, but it’s there.
Chinese store eyeshadow palette - I bought also many years ago and it has beautiful colours. Unfortunately I could never find another one with these colours… Used the darker shade (red arrow tells you which) as an eyeliner.

Kiko Super colour mascara 10 – I VERY RARELY (a couple of times a year) use mascara because I like to keep my lashes intact, but yesterday just felt like trying it again. Limited edition regarding the last Olympics, if I’m not mistaken. They had amazing colour that I didn’t buy, including two gorgeous blues that I regret not getting. It’s a golden colour that becomes noticeable in the sun and if you look from the side to the lashes as you can see in the photo.

My lips:

Kiko Vinyl Liquid Lipstick Fruity tequila 01 – it’s a gorgeous colour although not the best one for my skin tone. But I love it so much that I use it anyway! 

Simple and cute and here is the dress that inspired the look, with its gorgeous violet and purple flowers with the green in between:
Dress – bought on ebay, it’s a Korean brand. Very pretty. Light and short! Very short! Shameless Koreans! 

Lacey shorts – bought on sale at a Chinese store near where I live. Because, yes, with a dress this short, you need shorts underneath!

Shoes – almost took them to the street. Ballet shoes to work out at home.

Caught a bit of cold yesterday with the dress because I went to a department store El Corte Ingles and the air conditioner was a bit too strong… it was freezing. Other than that it’s wonderful for the summer and spring, with a cute cardigan to match.

 Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


  1. aw your a ballerina :) wanted to be one when i was a kid, u r living my dream <3 hope your grandma is feeling better now :)

  2. Adorei, varios dos produtos que vc usou nao conheco, mas ficou linda!Follow each other? Let me know! Kisses

  3. I used to do ballet for 14 years. It is a good workout. I wish I still did ballet cause know my posture is horrible. ha! It's nice you and your family exchanges clothes. I do that among my friends ^^

    <3 Sachiko