Thursday, 1 August 2013

Haul of the month!Previous month...

Hopefully still on time. Since the month just ended yesterday!

As I have told you before, the cosmetics order from Korea that did not come turned my head around and left me confused and lost. I got used to their products. And now what????!!!!!!!! Reluctantly had to search for other options. I don’t know why Kiko made its appearance into my life again, but it did. And yes, at first OF COURSE it had to do with their very affordable prices! But after trying out a couple of products, I realized the products are also good quality for the price! So I sort of lost myself with their 50% off… well, I should be done with make up until at least the end of this year.

So I bring you the items and will tell you which ones I really needed and which were a tiny indulgence.
Skin care:
Gold Body wash – haven’t tried it yet, a couple more days and the one we have will reach its end. This one we needed (it’s not only for me)
Eye and Lip make up remover and Cleansing Milk and Tone – my etude house oil based make up remover leaves my vision very blurry, even after I wash it off, so I decided it was time to try something else. And the milk and tone will replace my Uriage mincelar water that doesn’t remove everything the way it should, it’s expensive and doesn’t last. Needed and cost the normal price.
Scrub and peel wipes – my etude house peeling cleanser also ended…so sad! Grandmother bought this one, though. Needed and cost the normal price.
Next evolution serum – it says it will help with spots that appear with aging due to sun damage and also says it help with acne scars. It’s a whitening product. Needed, because I do need a whitening product.
Skin Glow – It’s under the treatment section. A brightening moisturizer that stimulates cellular renewal and contributes to an increase of collagen production. Has a low SPF of 10. It’s supposed to brighten you face instantly and it does. Colours in the World edition
Indulging in makeup… (shame on me)

For the eyes:
Two Kiko eyetech look eye shadows the two tiny black tubes at the front. Pink and a greyish colour. The pink one is shimmery. I like the greyish better.
Loose eye pigment – it’s a very nice colour and very light. The first pigment I ever bough, since it was half the price. The tiny jar with the sparkle with its blue box behind him. Colours in the World edition
Two Kiko eye shadows I did not have these two colours. The pink from my etude house eyeshadow palette is not very pigmented, you can hardly see it, considering I do wear glasses. So I got these two; the 101 Pearly Gold and the 145 Baby Satin Pink. Used them today, they are very pretty. So, sort of “needed”

For my face:
Sun Proof BB Cream SPF 30 – Lovely and light product, bought it in shade 01 Very Light. Have a backup and it’s the brownish tube with the boxes behind it. For people with warm skin tones, cold or pinkish like my sister, my look a bit too yellow. She thinks it does. Needed because my etude house bb cream is way to white and pink in the summer…Fierce Spirit edition
Two beautiful Sun Bronzing Blushes – they smell like vanilla! Just love that detail, but the fragrance will not transfer to your skin (unfortunately for me) so you won’t end up smelling live vanilla. Got 103 Mariachi Pink, on the right and it is shimmery; and 102 Brick Mandarin, on the left. The packaging is very beautiful.  Fierce Spirit edition

The lips:
3 Vinyl Lips Liquid Lipsticks – they are not glosses; they are lipstick in liquid form, although all three of them last differently on my lips. Sort of “needed”. Only have an orange lipstick by etude house that I think it’s too overwhelming for me. Fierce Spirit edition
2 from the limited edition Celebration Nail Lacquer – 418 Metallic Copper and 423 Pearly Peacock. Colours in the World edition
1 from the Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer – 428 River green. Fierce Spirit edition
Have tried all of them. They are very beautiful and the lasting power is good.

 Here is the link to the store online and you can choose your country, unfortunately only for Europe…

The average price I paid for all these wonderful products was… €4,17!!!! All the products were very much the price I got so used to pay for Korean cosmetics. Hopefully my skin will continue to like Kiko Make up Milano products and that my order will eventually arrive, meaning it was just a case of bad luck and I continue to order from Korea! Fingers crossed!

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment.
      It was once in a life time. I usually don't buy so many things during a whole month.

  2. wow nice price xD
    anyways, thank you for answering my question in detail <3 <3

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