Sunday, 4 August 2013

65 Wedding anniversary

The sun burned again today! Although in the shadow it was a bit cool.
Yesterday was a very beautiful day as well, which helped my uncle (Adolfo) and aunt (Adelina) celebrate their 65 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!! Amazing right! Nowadays, our generation will never achieve something like that! So whole family got together, or at least what’s still left of huge group. It was a lovely lunch, we got together and talked so much with relatives we don’t see that often; it was really cool and enjoyable. Everyone was happy to be there.

The pictures I took were from the food (THANK YOU SO MUCH Uncle and Aunt - it was SUPERB!). I took a few to my sisters but I still need to ask their permission to upload them here… because “I look horrible on that one”, “my legs look funny”; “I don’t like the face I’m making on this one”; etc!
Forgot to take picture to the shrimp soup… stupid me! Trust me, it looked good and tested way better.
Here is the first one after the soup:
 I don’t even know how many types of different fish there were on my plate. So good! And this one was not properly served because I asked so. Imagine the normal ones!
 Then came the meat. Actually my middle sister and I when we saw the meat, we said to each other that we would skip it because we were already full. And then the rice and potatoes appeared before us. So, we asked to serve us only a bit of rice and a bit of potatoes, no meat. And this was the “only a bit” of potatoes and rice:
I hadn’t eaten like this in over a year! My sisters and I (and of course everyone else) looked pregnant. A shame our mother had a bad reaction to the food and grandmother didn’t eat too much to prevent any chances of that happening.
 The dessert my younger sister and I had was this delicious one! We both love strawberries.
And of course in the end we sang happy birthday to the joyous couple and wish them even many more to come and then ate the cake. At least I ate my entire piece of cake, not my sisters though. Yesterday was a very good lunch, in every aspect I can think of. And NO, not just because of the food!!!!!

This was what I wore yesterday:
I think simple is really the best way to go many of the times.
Shoes – bought in sale at a boutique where I live a few years ago
they are Portuguese made
Dress – gorgeous! Birthday present from my sisters and mother
They ordered it from ebay.
Belt – came with the dress! Lucky!
Bag – by Blaco. It’s a strawberry made of straw! So cute!
And I used the curling iron so that my hair wouldn’t look so flat…
This was all for today.Hope you had a great weekend.

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!

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  1. 65 yrs O_O wow what a lovely couple T^T congrats!! i'm happy for them. nice outfit too :D

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