Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outfit of the week and car problems...

So depressed and angry!
Another week has gone! It did not end well… Our car decided to break down again! Actually, not moving. Just dead! Weekend spent around the neighbourhood. There are no public transports available on weekends, where I live… Seriously! SOMEONE JUST SHOOT THE FREAKING PRIME MINISTER AND THE PRESIDENT, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow we’ll see what they say about the car and HOPEFULLY it will be some minor problem and cheap to fix!

These last few days have been cooler again so this particular outfit does come in handy:
Knitted vest – bought at a boutique nearby, the same one I bought my lacey dress
Flowery shirt with a bit of lace – by Cortefiel on sale, many years ago
Classic beige pants – by Zara kids, bought a couple of weeks ago on sale
Flat pumps – by Parfois
The vest is mostly wool, very warm, but you can use it on cooler summer days, apparently.

And here is another picture I posted on twitter as well. Don’t be TOO scared!
Me without make up! The HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do I look very different????
I do miss my long hair. I regret it immensely having it cut but it needed to be cut so bad… my splits ends had no salvation… It will grow back, it’s the least of my problems at the moment, but that is why I’ve been tying my hair, I think it looks better that way.
Bye everyone! See you on my next post!


  1. i hope your car gets fixed soon :) i know how frustrating it can be