Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outfit of the week and car problems...

So depressed and angry!
Another week has gone! It did not end well… Our car decided to break down again! Actually, not moving. Just dead! Weekend spent around the neighbourhood. There are no public transports available on weekends, where I live… Seriously! SOMEONE JUST SHOOT THE FREAKING PRIME MINISTER AND THE PRESIDENT, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow we’ll see what they say about the car and HOPEFULLY it will be some minor problem and cheap to fix!

These last few days have been cooler again so this particular outfit does come in handy:
Knitted vest – bought at a boutique nearby, the same one I bought my lacey dress
Flowery shirt with a bit of lace – by Cortefiel on sale, many years ago
Classic beige pants – by Zara kids, bought a couple of weeks ago on sale
Flat pumps – by Parfois
The vest is mostly wool, very warm, but you can use it on cooler summer days, apparently.

And here is another picture I posted on twitter as well. Don’t be TOO scared!
Me without make up! The HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do I look very different????
I do miss my long hair. I regret it immensely having it cut but it needed to be cut so bad… my splits ends had no salvation… It will grow back, it’s the least of my problems at the moment, but that is why I’ve been tying my hair, I think it looks better that way.
Bye everyone! See you on my next post!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Make up of the day and OOTD

Haven’t been keeping my promise of at least one post a week on my blog…
Today it’s something a bit different; I’m new at this make up thing and on how to do a proper make up post. Just want to show you what I used today and it will be kept as record on my blog for my future reference as well because, all in all, it did not look so much different from what I normally do, but this time the products are completely new!

I have told you before, I believe, that my last order from Korea has not arrived yet (almost 2 months, now) and I doubt it will ever arrive! Even if it did, I cannot keep ordering products that take months to arrive; I don’t have the money to invest on a big stock all at once!

This means that I THINK – not yet sure – that I may have found a nice replacement for my Korean cosmetics. I bought a nail polish and a makeup remover for eyes and lips last year, and I do like both. But that was it. I returned to this brand because I saw a beautiful nail polish on a Portuguese blog and they were on sale. Reading that information, I went straight to the site to check out the prices and what they had new. The sale prices were amazing, so when I had the chance I ran to a store with my list of things to buy, all on sale!

Kiko makeup Milano! Made in Italy! They have so many new things not only makeup but skin care as well. The offering is quite good, I was very impressed and even the normal prices are extremely affordable.

The site is here: you can choose a country, but I will leave the links of the products (while they are available, they will finish soon) of the English site.

This was what I used. Apart from the eyeshadows, everything else belongs to their limited editions: Free Spirit and Colours in the World (Skin Glow alone)
 After applying my eye cream and a bit of moisturizer, only where my wrinkles annoy me, I applied the golden brown tube: Sunproof BB cream SPF 30 in shade01 Very Light, all through my face including under my eyes. It’s a chemical sunscreen, if I’m not mistaken through my researches. I like it a lot, no breakouts or bad reactions so far, over a week of usage.

  Secondly the pink tube on the right: Skin Glow. Use it as a highlighter although it’s described as a moisturizing sublime light effect day cream with SPF 10. Only used it today for the first time, so I still don’t know about any side effects, but hopefully there will be none. It’s very discrete and looks very nice.

The blush is that golden package with a mirror showing a swirl of three colours that actually smells like vanilla! Sun Bronzing Blush in Brick Mandarin 102. A cute and girly pink colour. The smell doesn’t linger on the skin, unfortunately.

For my eyes I used to eye shadows: Eyetech Look Eyeshadow in 05 and 10. The first one on my entire lid was the pinkish one and then on the outer corner a golden coloured one that for some reason turns more greyish on my skin! The two tiny black tubes that you can see a bit of colour in them. And in the end I used the longer black tube on the inner corner because it’s a white glittery colour: Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 01 Pearly White.

I also used the Etude House lash serum for my lashes, I don’t use mascara. This was the only element that was out of the entire kiko make up for the day!
     On my lips, besides the usual lipbalm, I used the fuchsia pink tube. Vinyl Lips Liquid Lipstick in 05 Tasty Pitaya. Very good and a bit glittery.

And here are the pictures, not the best, but so you can see the overall result.
A close up of my eye to see the eyeshadows and you can see the blush as well.
Unfortunately you can’t really see the highlighter effect…
Here you can see the lipstick, because it really is a lipstick in liquid form! Nothing like a lip gloss. And my nails as well with the two kiko nail polishes that were also on sale.

Blazer by Saccor Brothers
Lace dress bought at a boutique in my neighbourhood
Lace tights by Calzedonia
Shoes by Parfois

Mid season outfit, cute and girly!

Hope you enjoyed my post. I had fun writing it!

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!

Friday, 12 July 2013

OOTD and rambling

Hot, hot, hot! But two days ago… cold, cold, cold!
How is everyone? I’ve been busy and a bit depressed, but it doesn’t matter.
First I’m just going to let one of my frustrations out. FREAKING PORTUGUESE CUSTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My latest Korean order is almost a month and half late. No prospects of receiving it. I gave up on that! I just don’t understand why this happened. It’s a general problem because my sister is also waiting for her order that comes from China and she placed hers first. It has nothing to do with the online store whatsoever! I have a very complicated love/hate relationship with my country. This, is one of the many, many reasons…I won’t even bother to comment on our current situation; I don’t even know if I should laugh or cry, or both at once!
Done with that!

I went out into the street today wearing this:
I went out into the street today wearing this:
Plastic red bow on my head – Primark
Locket necklace – Alchemy
Cardigan – Green Coast, El Corte Ingles
Lace shorts – Chinese store
Socks – Calzedonia, stripes with a cute boat
Sneakers – Prmark, they have white stars

I knew these days would be colder but I did not think the temperatures would drop this much, so I came back home to change into this:
Red bow and necklace the same as above
Knitted sweater – my grandmother did it for herself many, many years ago, but I “borrowed it”
Jeans – Primark
Same shoes and socks as above
Even so, because the sweater has holes I felt cold! It’s very windy and it goes right through the sweater. Not very comfortable… but I love the sweater and use it any chances that I get!

Because of my late (probably will never arrive) order I was forced to search for other products and unfortunately, spend some money! So, I’ve been in a very bad mood, but I will show you what I bought in one of next posts. At least for now, my skin seems to like the products and no allergic reactions so far! Hopefully it will keep this way and will even do some good for my skin. I know my dermatologist would be happy, she only prescribes products by Uriage and Avene

Just a picture to show you my new haircut. Do you like it?

Bye everyone! See you on my next post!