Sunday, 9 June 2013

Update and review on April's post!

Hi everyone!

I decided to make an update on one of my latest posts. The “Tiny haul, long post”, I’ve been using the products for time enough, at least to know if I like them or don’t. 
Starting from left to right, the first yellow bottle is Camomile and Mimosa shampoo used for blonde hair and it supposedly lightens darker hair colours. I’m sure it won’t turn black hair into blond but it lightens it a bit, especially in the summer with the help of the Sun, not that we’ve been have any lately… These types of shampoo are normally mild and not harsh at all. I like it, my hair seems to like it so far. I don’t see my hair lighter yet, but it’s only been half a bottle and they say you have to use it regularly for an extended period of time. LIKE THIS ONE!

The L’OCCITANE Stick Déodorant Fraicheur with Verbena, is the same as the old one I reviewed already and I LIKE IT!

Then comes two of the products I DON’T LIKE! I regret spending money on the Eucerin sunblock and after sun lotion! It’s horrible. I don’t like it and my skin doesn’t seem to like it either. The fragrance is simply HIDEOUS! It’s very hard to describe, I can only say that it has a medicine smell to it. It’s so strong and awful and it doesn’t disappear right away, it takes very long. It’s extremely sticky. Thankfully I restrained myself from using it on my face! It would have been a catastrophe!

Last on the right is my so adored Duac Gel. Awesome product that does what it claims. It dries and shrinks my pimples very well. Regarding the healing effect, making you face less oily and pimples popping out less, it will only be visible after at least 6 month of daily usage. But so far, it has helped me A LOT! I LIKE IT!

The tiny dark green bottle The Body Shop Tee Tree oil is the other product I DON’T LIKE! I’ve read so many good reviews and wanted to try The Body Shop products again, so badly. However this one was quite a miss. For the first few days it seemed my pimples wanted to go away (and I used it twice a day) but then, they returned just as bad! Hence why I ran to the pharmacy and bought Duac Gel. I was very disappointed.  

Last, but definitely not least, pure and simple old purified Vaseline for my chapped lips! This one is quite hard. I don’t a very big improvement, but considering I tried using a tint for almost two weeks in a row, at least my lips are most certainly not worse. The tint experience was bad, I would have to say. I got to a point when I had to use to use lip balm almost every half an hour. Since it wasn’t easy to come off, one time I exfoliated my lips a bit too much and got hurt. But the Vaseline has been very helpful. I use it at home, since the tube is not hygienic to carry around and use it on the go. I do feel my lips very moisturized when I use it and I can say the general appearance of my lips is better. LIKE THIS ONE! A simple and cheap lip treatment that does help.
This was just an update of the products I’ve been using, hope it was helpful.
Thanks everyone. Until next time!



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