Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tony Moly Lip Scrub Review

I’m not complaining about the weather because it seems beach time is here!

This past week has been a bit busier than usual and the heat makes me a bit lazy…

Today is all about Tony Moly! I will be reviewing the second product that I got from this brand: a lip scrub! So many years and the only scrubs and peels I had heard of and seen on sale were for the face or the body, but not specifically for the lips. I became curious, the packaging was really cute and cool and I did my routine of searching and reading reviews on the product. There were quite a few and almost everyone liked it! It must be really good and the price isn’t bad so why not?

I didn’t write down the date of the first usage, but it’s been months. At least 5 I’m sure of. My lips are very dry and damaged and I love facial and body scrubs which made me excited about tying something like this.
You have to lift the first layer of paper to get to the explanation or ingredients.

Packaging: adorable and cute. The lip balm has the same shape, so I thought of buying that just to see people staring at me! And it makes sense; it’s a lip scrub, shape of lips. Plastic with a white lid that got stuck on the bottom part that you unscrew to open. Sturdy good plastic! The tiny writing are in Korean and they are so tiny, I didn’t even bother to read, but I’m guessing it should have the ingredients list…

Fragrance: hard thing to describe! At least for me… There is no particular fragrance like flowers for example. It smells like a lot moisturizers but it’s definitely not strong or overpowering. You have to reach the product to your nose to be able to smell it properly.
As you can see, it kind of looks like there’s sand in there… -.-
Texture: I had never tried a lip scrub before so I didn’t know what to expect. When I first saw it and used it, I didn’t find it weird. It was very much different from the facial and body scrubs I had used so far, but as long as it worked, it was fine. And then my middle sister saw the product and said to our younger one:
“She (me) put a bit of cream on this pot, went to beach a got some sand in it to make the scrub!”
After that, I only saw a cream with sand in it…She was a bit right. It does look like it has grains of sand, but it doesn’t!!! It’s perfectly safe to use and it does exfoliate your lips. It leaves them soft. So, the texture is like a moisturizer with tiny grains that will exfoliate the lips. It’s not harsh either, at least no to me!
Here you can see that it’s doesn’t look like sand at all and most of the grains are coloured red.
How I use it: read the reviews to know how to use it, since what little the package says, it’s in Korean. With my lips still a bit wet, took a bit a rubbed gently in circular motions, for a while. After I would rinse it with water and voilá!
Every day in the morning, when using lipstick and tints, I would also use it at night.

 What I like/Don’t like: there is nothing I don’t like! It did leave my lips smoother, but not more moisturized, like I know some scrubs do. I already bought a new one from Missha and my lips feel smooth and moisturized. Again, I DO LOVE the package!

Good price
Good amount because it lasted for many months
Exfoliates the lips well enough
Not harsh (in my opinion)
Cute packaging (I know, but it has to be said!)
Not messy
My lips did feel exfoliated and soft. It helped a lot to the usage of lipsticks and tints. But their appearance did not become better in general. Even when using it twice a day, there were no bad reactions whatsoever, it’s very safe to use regularly.

Hope this was helpful, considering there are a lot of reviews already on this product.
Thanks everyone and I will try to start going to beach. Especially because I think it also helps improve your health a little!


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