Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Etude House Moistfull Coolagen Eye cream REVIEW!

Spent a lot of time without uploading my blog again! For some reason this month was bit hectic with doctors and birthdays in between. My sister’s birthday, 20th and my own, 28th. She is now 27 and I’m 31. We’re getting old!

Enough rambling because today I bring you a review about an eye cream that reached its end. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream.  Got it as a Christmas present and started using it right away. Badly needed an eye cream, they were so dry. Since I was using the moistfull line already and liking it very much, it made sense to choose this one. 
Packaging: Simple but cute, at least in my opinion! Glass container, that tends to be more hygienic than plastic. Brought a spatula so you don’t have to use your fingers, although most of times I don’t use it. It depends. It does become very handy to remove the cream when the end approaches, especially if you your nails are a tiny bit big.
And we have English!

Fragrance: a bit hard to describe what it smells like. It’s a nice smell, maybe flowery but definitely not overpowering. Just nice and fresh.

Texture: when I started using the cream it really did not feel heavy or that thick. It felt moisturizing and fresh. The first few times it absorbed fast because the skin was very dry, but then it started taking a bit longer to absorb and the feeling of moisturized skin lasted more as well. While applying the cream I would leave a little for the skin to absorb by itself instead of dabbing until completely absorbed. Compared to the Mizon snail eye cream, it has a more jelly and thicker texture and the Mizon is very watery, feels like your applying water under your eyes.
Looks lovely!
Bit of a jelly texture
Completely absorbed and you can see a bit of shine from the moisture. It will not disappear.

Lasting power: I would wake up with my under eye skin feeling soft and velvety. And during the day, I never felt any need to use the cream again, after a couple of weeks.
 Would I buy this again: I tried a sample first and then my mother and sister bought it for me because I liked it. I did not get it the second time, because I’m curious about the snail creams from Korea and so I ordered the Mizon snail eye cream that I have already started using. It was the first one I tried and there a lot of options, it didn’t make sense for me, to try just one! Even if it did work.

There is nothing I don’t like.
 It does moisturise a lot and it HELPS with wrinkles.
HOWEVER it did NOTHING to my horrible dark circles.
NO break outs and no bad skin reactions!
Overall, it’s a very good cream and I think everyone should give it a try!

I hope this review was helpful!
As anyone tried this cream already?



  1. sounds interesting to try! I wish you wrote this before I bought the innisfree one I'm currently using! Though I'll need something for my dark circles too... haha

  2. Sounds like a decent eye cream. Please do a review on the Mizon eye cream! ^^

  3. i have so many eye creams..but none of them work as i expected :/ thanks for the review,i think i will try it  (⌒▽⌒)☆

  4. I have several samples of this. But I didn't try it yet. But it seems it's a nice moisturizing cream. :)