Wednesday, 8 May 2013

OOTD and Rambling

Already in May! In Portugal they say that with May’s rain women become beautiful!! It’s when the flowers bloom and become beautiful as well, so “it happens the same to women”. It’s also my sister’s birthday and my own. I’m not sure if that is the reason why I like this month, or maybe it is also because the flowers bloom and you can feel Spring time has arrived.

Spent one week without uploading my blog! Promised myself I would update every week and already missed one, even if it’s just to talk about my boring life. It’s been a bit busy, but nothing extraordinary happened, and in this case, it’s good. It means everything is stable and nothing got worse.

 Well grandmother isn’t feeling too well today, but I think it’s due to weather as well and maybe because she has been thinking about the accident last year and her birthday was also in April, one more year has passed, so she is feeling a bit down. Hopefully it will pass.

A picture of my outfit of the day (of a couple of days ago). I’ve had blazers for so many years and never realized, until this year, how good and handy they are, especially for these mid-seasons. I know it’s stupid, should have realized it much early. Better late than never! 

Starting from the bottom:
Flats by Parfois
Kid’s socks by Calzedonia
Puffy red dress by Chinese store
Blazer by Zara kids

Badly need to tan my very white legs, so since it was a warmer day, used those tiny socks. I get sunburns very easily EVERYWHERE in my body except from the knees down!!!!! From my knees to my ankles, because my feet will also get sunburns if I’m not careful, my skin will stay white! I’ve tried everything, including leaving just my legs in the sun for a very long time and still nothing. A bit ridiculous! So every time the weather feels warmer, bare legs it is!

Thanks to everyone that follows my blog and comments!


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