Monday, 13 May 2013

L'OCCITANE Stick Déodorant Fraicheur Review

The merry month of May. How has everyone been doing?
Not so bad around here. Became very happy when one of my last orders arrived last week and I will show you on my next post what I got. Bought on ebay, on the f2plus1 store. It was my first buy from that store and it arrived so fast and with samples! On the other hand the ruby ruby order is late… but I’m trying not to freak out much!

Today I’m going to make a little review about a very necessary item, a deodorant that I’ve been using for a year and half and that is precisely how long one deodorant lasted! Not bad!

 L’OCCITANE Stick Déodorant Fraicheur with Verbena.
 As you can see from the sticker that I used the moment I started using, it lasted VERY long. Of course it wasn’t cheap, not even close! At that time I bought it as Christmas present for my grandmother because she also has very sensitive skin and I wanted a good product. Unfortunately she didn’t like the fact that it was in stick form and she passed it on to me. It cost me 15 euro! It did HURT a lot at the time, but it was for my grandmother.

Packaging: simple and practical. Has all the ingredients list.
Fragrance: it smells like verbena, a very refreshing fragrance that I like a lot. Good for both summer and even winter
Texture: stick form. It has nothing to do with the roll on ones that are liquid and I don’t really like them. It’s very smooth when applying it to the skin.

Colour: the stick in itself is a very light beige colour. The new one is plain white. If see it’s shiny, it’s because the new one still has a plastic cover to protect the product. Of course on my skin it looks like this
As if I had nothing on my skin at all. It doesn’t stain clothing either.

What I like: very much everything reason why I bought it again! It lasts very long, it doesn’t get sticky or wet when applied. It does help a lot with not smelling so bad but it lets your skin sweat because the skin needs that. It’s refreshing, caused no allergies whatsoever; on the contrary it helped calm my skin last summer, because I’m allergic to my own sweat! I would wash a little with water, after exercising or getting home, and would apply it. I did use it several times a day during the summer. It doesn’t stain your clothing. There is NOTHING I don’t like!

From my experience IT IS COMPATIBLE with every type of hair removal!

The new one is just like the old one, ingredient wise except they added lemon to it! At first I have to admit I did not like the fragrance that much, but after a week using it, I’m quite used to it and actually started to like it. It’s still refreshing!

Hope this review will help someone. It’s the only thing I now buy from this brand because it’s very expensive and I find that Korean cosmetics work better for my skin as well; maybe I should have tried a Korean brand deodorant? 



  1. seems like both are great deodorants

  2. Thank you for sharing!

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