Monday, 27 May 2013

About me!

Tomorrow I will be one year older, AGAIN!!!!
Every freaking year the same thing! Just means I’m alive, and thankfully well enough. But 31 sounds soooooooooooooo heavy… especially considering I feel far from the thirties. I still feel like a kid and although I understand life like an adult and understand responsibilities, I tend to act more like a young adult, in the early twenties. Although my sister tends to insist I sometimes act more like a teenager… -.- I think that might be a bit to exaggerated.

My middle sister and I are 4 years apart and her birthday was just exactly 8 days ago. Truth be told we don’t make a big fuss over it and we spend it pretty much like a normal day. The only thing we did differently was going to the Korean embassy to return a book. At least we got to be together. Tomorrow however, that will not be possible, it’s just me and my grandparents!

Today I just bring you one of my outfits
Pointy boots – bought at a very good Portuguese boutique that no longer exists I’ve had them for more than 10 years
Lacey tights – by calzedonia
Lacey and frilly dress – bought at a boutique here in the neighbourhood
Blazer – by Zara kids
Flowery lacey ring – by Lolipops (Xmas present)

I find myself wearing this blazer a lot, lately! It’s super handy for this very annoying weather.
Hope everyone is doing great and see you soon!
I will post a REVIEW on the Etude House Moistful Collagen Eye cream, next.



  1. wow happy bday tomorrow!! i wish you allllllllll the best momo :D plus I like your outfit in the pic :)

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  2. Love ya, my little teenage "big sis"! It's just the sound that's heavy! ;)