Sunday, 14 April 2013

Weekend in Cascais

Weekend is almost over. At least these last few days weren’t bad. The sun has been shining, so we went to Cascais on Thursday to enjoy a few days in a different environment and to check if everything was ok with the house. Thankfully everything was fine and the house wasn’t even that cold. Well the first thing I did when we got there was open the windows and let the warmth invade the house.

It’s really a different place. The air itself doesn’t feel the same, the people seem happier and the streets are more lively. It’s too bad that most of the stores available are Chinese. All those old stores and boutiques disappeared. So off we went to check out what news the Chinese stores had! Pretty much nothing… Disappointing actually! When they first opened, they showed different and original clothing and shoes and even accessories. Now, everything is the same and the prices are getting higher and higher, meaning it’s not worth buying items in those stores anymore. 

Just the other day, while taking a walk around my neighbourhood is Lisbon, I noticed two women coming out of the “most fashionable and chique” Chinese store, talking out loud, so that everyone could hear, about how outraged they were at the price of a bag, because after all, it was JUST a bag! If they keep up like this, they will eventually start closing too.

Well, I’m back in Lisbon and tomorrow starts a whole new week that I hope will be good for everyone! 

I’ve also bought, last week, two nail polishes from the collection at H&M. a pink and green one that smell like roses and apples. Decided to try them for these last few days, the smell does linger for at least 3 days. Tried them on Friday, today is Sunday and the smell still lingers. I prefer the apple smell though. Happy with my buy and when I go there again will probably buy two more for when these run out. I have no idea how long will they be available.

And here is a cute picture of me. I’ve been a bit too addicted to playing with the purika cameras on my phone…


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