Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tiny haul, long post!

Hi everyone!

Since the weather became delightfully warmer, I went searching through my things and found the sun block from last year. It’s by ISDIN, it was given to me by my sisters (which in turn was given to their father by one of his clients), they used the SPF30 and gave the 50 to me. It should be half way through, more or less, it’s a spray bottle making it hard to know for sure. So I searched for the same one and found out that brand is really expensive!!! Unfortunately! A shame because I think it’s really good. Had to find another solution that you will see in the picture below.

Why did I choose Eucerin? No reason in particular. The lady at the pharmacy said it was really good, especially for those that have sun allergies, and it was at a very good price considering I paid 22 euro for both sun block and after sun lotion. Supposedly you’re only paying the sun lock and getting the other free, but divided by both it’s a good deal because the after sun lotion is very needed too.

On the left, the yellow plastic bottle is a shampoo to lighten my hair a little, it was cheap and is paraben free, a Portuguese product bought at Pão de Açucar. Then you have the sun block and after sun lotion, and to the far right a product that was hard for me to buy, but it’s worth every cent! My Duac GeL

Duac Gel is an awesome product, but you need to very careful! You can’t use to much product and you need to see how your skin reacts to it. I can apply it to my horrible pimples and the area surrounding it and leave it for more than 12 hours, with no problem whatsoever! I usually apply it around 7 o’clock in the afternoon and before going to bed I apply my Etude House Moistfull collagen first essence and the Mostfull collagen enriched cream. Of course I try to avoid the pimples themselves but there areas that it’s impossible and the moisturizer will go on top of the gel that has absolved by then. Still dries my pimples and shrinks them so well! You can see results from one day to the next. My huge pimple right beside my left eye was the reason why I bought it and in a week it shrunk to half its size. I also use it all over my nose with no moisturizer at all! It hasn’t made any sort of allergic reaction, nor is my skin dry and flaky. Happy!

On the left, in the front the yellowish cylinder is a deodorant from L’OCCITANE. It’s expensive, very expensive. It was also very hard for me to buy it, struggled a lot, but like the gel it’s a very good product. Does not irritate my skin, it actually helps it keeping it smooth and it’s hair removal friendly, all types you can think of! This one seems to also have Lemon in addition to Verbena. But she said the formula is the same and the ingredients also, except for the lemon.

The tiny green bottle is by The Body Shop. Tee Tree oil for point application on the horrible pimples. Bought before the Duac gel and will be going to someone else or to the garbage because it did nothing! The first couple of days it seemed some of the pimples were a little better. I used it regularly for two whole weeks but then the huge pimple appeared and I saw that it was doing nothing. At all! Reason why I bought the Duac gel. I love the concept of the brand and everything they stand for, but unfortunately nothing seems to work on my skin! Over the years I have tried a couple of products, when I was a teenager I did use the tee tree line for quite a long time and that time it did something, but now… nothing at all!

The last product on the bottom right is pure and simple Vaseline! Decided to try it for my lips, see if it really helps. Inexpensive and if it works, even better! I only use it when I’m at home, to bring about and apply it won’t work because it’s in a tube and you have to use your fingers. So outside I still use the Etude House kissful lip treatment in a stick. I haven’t searched anything to know if people like it and it works or not but I’m guessing it won’t be harmful either.

Back to winter for a couple of days, it’s been freezing outside and indoors! Horrible! Those warm sunny days were so nice…

Thanks everyone!

Edit: please refer to this new post if you want to know more about how these products work or not! http://momodicted.blogspot.pt/2013/06/update-and-review-on-aprils-post.html


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