Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outfit I will wear tomorrow

Now I can’t blame my blues on the weather, although today was not so warm… a bit cooler. After 5 o’clock you would have to wear winter clothing again to go out on the street, I had to return home.
Tomorrow my grandparents and I will be going to a book launch by my cousin. He writes so many books! So I have decided on what to wear, it’s nothing fancy, but good presentation is always a plus, especially because you never know who you might meet! So this is what I will be wearing:

 Shoes – are made in Portugal, bought at a boutique
Trousers – by Primark, super skinny
Blouse – Liz Lisa
Cardigan – bought at a boutique
Coat - Sfera

Simple, but still classy enough, in my opinion. And it’s comfortable and appropriate because it should start around 7 o’clock and there are no predictions regarding the time will arrive home.What do you think???

Tomorrow is also my Grandmother’s birthday. She doesn’t care that much anymore, so there will be no special lunch, or anything, just a day like any other. However we did get her a couple of useful presents: lip scrub and lip balm from The Body Shop and a wrinkle care moisturiser by Skin Food from the black honey line. She loves everything!

I did cut my hair on Monday, it doesn’t look like this anymore. On the one hand when I look at these pictures I miss it, but the cut itself as so weird and the edges of the hair were so ruined, that there was no other choice. I do feel lighter and younger, though!



  1. Your outfit is really pretty, I love your red coat and all red elements, it's one of my favorite colors!

  2. i like it >.<

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