Monday, 8 April 2013

Just me!

How is everyone doing?

Today I managed to take a walk for a little bit more than an hour before almost freezing to death. Not bad. I wanted to have gone to Amoreiras because the Body Shop started a discount campaign that will last for about two weeks and I’m really curious to see if I can grab something interesting for me to try, but unfortunately couldn’t. I don’t think I will be able to go there before Wednesday, probably…

Yesterday was nice enough. Went to pick my mom and my sisters, we all had lunch here, went for a tiny walk, had a mid-afternoon snack and took them home again. It’s really nice when we are all together but it can be done that often.
This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. I so love that skirt!
White sweater was bought at El Corte Inglês, by Sfera
Skirt is how many years old, bought at a boutique that no longer exits
Black tights are by calzedonia
Shoes were bought at a boutique close to where I live, with 40% off. They are made here, in Portugal.
I’ve been using that sweater t today as well. It’s warm and really comfortable.
This picture was taken quite a few months ago. The window of an antique shop that had just opened. I love antiques and the wooden horse caught my eye because it brought a lot of good and sweet memories. I used to have one just like that when I was a child. I kind of miss those days sometimes.

Oh, and I’m quite happy because my latest order has arrived today. The present for my grandmother’s birthday was included and I really hoped it would come before and it did. I just LOVE Ruby Ruby 76 service!!!!! 


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