Wednesday, 10 April 2013

FOOTD and Duac gel

Sun on one day, rain the next.

I lost my mind last week and did something I regret immensely… I ate a piece of chocolate cake, a really good 100% chocolate cake! The result: annoying and huge pimples on my face, such as I hadn’t seen in almost a year! Yes I did learn my lesson this time. When I tried the new Magnum ice cream “First kiss”, it only gave a tiny pimple. So I thought, maybe chocolate isn’t that harmful anymore? Wrong! It depends on the chocolate and the amount. But I learned my lesson! 

Of course now I have to deal with the pimples and the tee tree oil I bought did nothing, so I thought I should try something more extreme. I bought my Duac gel yesterday. I still had what was left of the first one, but I used so many years ago it had expired already. I was really afraid because I know how strong this medication is however, there is no other choice. I only apply directly on the pimples, otherwise my whole would fall! Boy, this stuff really works! I saw a difference from one day to the next. Hopefully it will terminate the pimples.

Flowery shirt is by Zara Kids, cotton and very comfy
Shorts are by Zara Kids, warm and comfy
Green cardigan bought at a Chinese store
Skin coloured compression tights
Over knee socks should be by Calzedonia
High heel sneakers by Primark

Hoping my skin gets better soon and that the weather becomes sunny and warmer. See you soon!


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