Saturday, 6 April 2013

Etude House maniac??????

Hi everyone!
Sunny day, still very cold, spent most time at home. At least today I feel better, not in so much pain.
Taking advantage of the beautiful I gathered all my products to take a picture, to show you what I have been using for the past months. Actually a couple of them, it’s been almost a year.

When the weather is cloudy and raining I can’t take a picture with good lighting, but I think today with the sun it turned out cute and nice. 
Now to list all the items:
1 Et Hs Be Clear Moisturizer – SPF30 PA++, it’s a whitening lotion although I have to admit that I did not see much results. I used it during the whole summer on my face, neck and arms as a sun protector everyday for about three to four months. Spent half of the bottle.
2 Et Hs Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, W13 – SPF30 PA++, used for about a month when I received it in July. By the end of September started using it again almost every day. Still have product left and will have to open the tube, should still have enough for two more months. It’s very good, I love it a lot.

3 Et Hs Collagen Moistfull First Essence – use it before the moisturizer. Don’t spread it through all of my face, try to avoid the pimples and focus more on the fine lines, including around my eyes. I think it helps a lot together with the cream from the same line, not only to moisturize the skin but to reduce or prevent the appearance of fine lines.
4 Et Hs Real Art Cleansing Oil, moisture type – I’ve just used it a couple of times to see if was good but for now I’m still finishing my Shiseido one unfortunately (will used it until it ends because it was expensive, even though I don’t like it). It works much better. Used it to remove make up for my eyes and lips ONLY, never for my entire face.

5 Et Hs Baling Powder Cleansing foam, moist type – Use it every day, morning and night. It doesn’t dry out my skin and removes the bb cream well if I massage with it a little. Very soft, works well, love it.
6 Et Hs My Lash Serum – when used every day it does make your lashes a bit stronger and they seem no to fall so much. For me it’s enough to my lashes more noticeable so I used it during the day as well. Lovely product, will buy again.

7 Et Hs Wonder Pore Freshner - as you can see it’s a tiny bottle, a sample. It’s my third one. It’s very good as a toner, I’m sure if used regularly, it will minimize the pores. I don’t use it every day because I don’t have the full size yet, but I really want to buy it.
8 Et Hs Collagen Moistfull enriched cream – I’ve been using it every day, morning and night during winter. Very good, works well with the first essence, moisturizers very well without leaving my skin oily and it doesn’t break me out. It helped my skin a lot during the cold winter.

9 Et Hs Collagen Moistfull eye cream – for my eyes it doesn’t seem to moisturize enough, so at night, since I don’t wash my face just before I go to bed, I still have time to put a little more a second time. Still, my skin texture has been improving a little and as of late my skin doesn’t seem to soak up the cream in just a few minutes. Maybe it takes time, considering my eye area was a complete disaster.
10 Et Hs Nymph Aura Volumer 3 Transparent – bought 6 samples. Tried it first mixed with the BB cream but now I just use it under my eyes, cheek bones and cheeks after applying the BB cream or the Be Clear Moisturizer. Did not break me out. Love this product, will buy the full size.

11 Et Hs Dear My Blooming Eyes OR201 Bashful Coral – Cute and handy with all four colours. Used it every day since I received it. The colours don’t look much pigmented ON MY EYES, but it’s clear that I’m using eye shadow. Like it a lot.
12 Et Hs Proof 10 eye shadow primer – works very well, makes the colours more lively and they last all day.

13 Et Hs Peel So Good Cleanser (diamond peel) – during the summer used it every day at least once a day to wash my face. Helped with the oily part and my skin became smoother. However for the winter, only use it to exfoliate my face a couple of times a week. Love the product, want to buy more, but it’s hard to find!
14 Tony Moly Lip Scrub – use it every day. After I just put my Etude House Kissful lip care and my lips feel so smooth. Like it a lot, will buy it again.

A long post, with very long names! In addition, I use the Kissful Lip care stick Peach and I also use the Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Pact that I already reviewed. The Dr. Oil powder I only use it when not wearing bb cream because it makes me look like a ghost. If I just put the Be Clear moisturizer it’s looks just fine. 
I’m not an Etude House maniac and most definitely not affiliated with them, it so happens that it’s a brand that works for my skin, for my wallet and has a lot of products available online. And yes, it also works SO WELL for my eyes, because packaging isn’t everything BUT it counts a lot! 

Thnaks everyone!


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