Monday, 22 April 2013

Crazy world and me

One more week has passed. I’m not going to talk about the horrors that have made the news. I came to a point where I want to give up on mankind! This is ridiculous, the world has gone completely crazy and unfortunately there is no cure! People die because of bombs, people die because they have no food or water to drink, they die because of diseases, they die because someone woke up in the mood to do some killing or torturing. Countries are either at war already, or expecting at any second. We don’t even know if we have enough money to survive tomorrow…

When I was little girl, all these things were merely part of my history books! They were so far away! I never thought I would go through them. It’s good to be an innocent child, sometimes and in certain circumstances.

Last Friday we didn’t make it to the book launch. My grandmother wasn’t feeling very well and money costs money! So I took the chance, wrong apparently, to put away my warm winter clothes and take out the fresh summery ones. Very bad idea! Terrible idea! I hadn’t done this in years. Usually I would actually leave a few of warmer items throughout the whole summer with fear winter would return unannounced. It kind of worked. This year I decided to try it differently and since Spring is in town and goodbye winter! Wrong. Winter will return… from this weekend on…

The bee outfit, how most people like to call it. My sisters started it!
Black sneakers – Primark
Black cotton tight pants – Zara kids
My adored bee sweater – Chinese huge store in Cascais

Used this style so many times this winter. The sweater is so comfortable and warm and the pants as well. One of my favourite outfits this year. Did not get tired of using it. And it looks really cute!

And I can’t wait for my order to arrive. I’m dying to try the snail gel from Mizon! Just hope it works. But it doesn’t have SPF and I don’t know where to turn because the Etude House Be Clear Moisturiser will disappear… I used it last summer for my face and it was good and now I need a replacement but don’t know where to turn… so far the one with more similarities would be the Innisfree Eco safety Fresh Sun Milk. It’s a smaller bottle though and there are no samples so I would have to buy the whole product without testing for any allergic reactions. There is also the Skin Food Tomato line, that a lot of people love. Any thoughts????



  1. i agree it looks like bee xD
    ohh noo sorry i cant help >.< i never try any of the product

    visit my blog ^^

  2. You buy your products online right? From my experience they will give out quite a lot of samples with every purchase, especially if you purchase a few products at once. On your next purchase you can try asking the seller to give you the samples of the products you wanted to try out. :) Anw, there's quite a lot of moisturizers from Etude that seems worth trying... I'm actually looking forward to try out either the moistful one or the skin:malgem one... heard good things about both.

    Btw I commend you for always posting your reviews of all beauty products here... I would just post them on poupee so that ppl will have something to read about and can come up with comments.. LOL

    christ512 from poupee here btw... :)

  3. super love the sweater!!