Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tiny haul, long post!

Hi everyone!

Since the weather became delightfully warmer, I went searching through my things and found the sun block from last year. It’s by ISDIN, it was given to me by my sisters (which in turn was given to their father by one of his clients), they used the SPF30 and gave the 50 to me. It should be half way through, more or less, it’s a spray bottle making it hard to know for sure. So I searched for the same one and found out that brand is really expensive!!! Unfortunately! A shame because I think it’s really good. Had to find another solution that you will see in the picture below.

Why did I choose Eucerin? No reason in particular. The lady at the pharmacy said it was really good, especially for those that have sun allergies, and it was at a very good price considering I paid 22 euro for both sun block and after sun lotion. Supposedly you’re only paying the sun lock and getting the other free, but divided by both it’s a good deal because the after sun lotion is very needed too.

On the left, the yellow plastic bottle is a shampoo to lighten my hair a little, it was cheap and is paraben free, a Portuguese product bought at Pão de Açucar. Then you have the sun block and after sun lotion, and to the far right a product that was hard for me to buy, but it’s worth every cent! My Duac GeL

Duac Gel is an awesome product, but you need to very careful! You can’t use to much product and you need to see how your skin reacts to it. I can apply it to my horrible pimples and the area surrounding it and leave it for more than 12 hours, with no problem whatsoever! I usually apply it around 7 o’clock in the afternoon and before going to bed I apply my Etude House Moistfull collagen first essence and the Mostfull collagen enriched cream. Of course I try to avoid the pimples themselves but there areas that it’s impossible and the moisturizer will go on top of the gel that has absolved by then. Still dries my pimples and shrinks them so well! You can see results from one day to the next. My huge pimple right beside my left eye was the reason why I bought it and in a week it shrunk to half its size. I also use it all over my nose with no moisturizer at all! It hasn’t made any sort of allergic reaction, nor is my skin dry and flaky. Happy!

On the left, in the front the yellowish cylinder is a deodorant from L’OCCITANE. It’s expensive, very expensive. It was also very hard for me to buy it, struggled a lot, but like the gel it’s a very good product. Does not irritate my skin, it actually helps it keeping it smooth and it’s hair removal friendly, all types you can think of! This one seems to also have Lemon in addition to Verbena. But she said the formula is the same and the ingredients also, except for the lemon.

The tiny green bottle is by The Body Shop. Tee Tree oil for point application on the horrible pimples. Bought before the Duac gel and will be going to someone else or to the garbage because it did nothing! The first couple of days it seemed some of the pimples were a little better. I used it regularly for two whole weeks but then the huge pimple appeared and I saw that it was doing nothing. At all! Reason why I bought the Duac gel. I love the concept of the brand and everything they stand for, but unfortunately nothing seems to work on my skin! Over the years I have tried a couple of products, when I was a teenager I did use the tee tree line for quite a long time and that time it did something, but now… nothing at all!

The last product on the bottom right is pure and simple Vaseline! Decided to try it for my lips, see if it really helps. Inexpensive and if it works, even better! I only use it when I’m at home, to bring about and apply it won’t work because it’s in a tube and you have to use your fingers. So outside I still use the Etude House kissful lip treatment in a stick. I haven’t searched anything to know if people like it and it works or not but I’m guessing it won’t be harmful either.

Back to winter for a couple of days, it’s been freezing outside and indoors! Horrible! Those warm sunny days were so nice…

Thanks everyone!

Edit: please refer to this new post if you want to know more about how these products work or not! http://momodicted.blogspot.pt/2013/06/update-and-review-on-aprils-post.html

Monday, 22 April 2013

Crazy world and me

One more week has passed. I’m not going to talk about the horrors that have made the news. I came to a point where I want to give up on mankind! This is ridiculous, the world has gone completely crazy and unfortunately there is no cure! People die because of bombs, people die because they have no food or water to drink, they die because of diseases, they die because someone woke up in the mood to do some killing or torturing. Countries are either at war already, or expecting at any second. We don’t even know if we have enough money to survive tomorrow…

When I was little girl, all these things were merely part of my history books! They were so far away! I never thought I would go through them. It’s good to be an innocent child, sometimes and in certain circumstances.

Last Friday we didn’t make it to the book launch. My grandmother wasn’t feeling very well and money costs money! So I took the chance, wrong apparently, to put away my warm winter clothes and take out the fresh summery ones. Very bad idea! Terrible idea! I hadn’t done this in years. Usually I would actually leave a few of warmer items throughout the whole summer with fear winter would return unannounced. It kind of worked. This year I decided to try it differently and since Spring is in town and goodbye winter! Wrong. Winter will return… from this weekend on…

The bee outfit, how most people like to call it. My sisters started it!
Black sneakers – Primark
Black cotton tight pants – Zara kids
My adored bee sweater – Chinese huge store in Cascais

Used this style so many times this winter. The sweater is so comfortable and warm and the pants as well. One of my favourite outfits this year. Did not get tired of using it. And it looks really cute!

And I can’t wait for my order to arrive. I’m dying to try the snail gel from Mizon! Just hope it works. But it doesn’t have SPF and I don’t know where to turn because the Etude House Be Clear Moisturiser will disappear… I used it last summer for my face and it was good and now I need a replacement but don’t know where to turn… so far the one with more similarities would be the Innisfree Eco safety Fresh Sun Milk. It’s a smaller bottle though and there are no samples so I would have to buy the whole product without testing for any allergic reactions. There is also the Skin Food Tomato line, that a lot of people love. Any thoughts????


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outfit I will wear tomorrow

Now I can’t blame my blues on the weather, although today was not so warm… a bit cooler. After 5 o’clock you would have to wear winter clothing again to go out on the street, I had to return home.
Tomorrow my grandparents and I will be going to a book launch by my cousin. He writes so many books! So I have decided on what to wear, it’s nothing fancy, but good presentation is always a plus, especially because you never know who you might meet! So this is what I will be wearing:

 Shoes – are made in Portugal, bought at a boutique
Trousers – by Primark, super skinny
Blouse – Liz Lisa
Cardigan – bought at a boutique
Coat - Sfera

Simple, but still classy enough, in my opinion. And it’s comfortable and appropriate because it should start around 7 o’clock and there are no predictions regarding the time will arrive home.What do you think???

Tomorrow is also my Grandmother’s birthday. She doesn’t care that much anymore, so there will be no special lunch, or anything, just a day like any other. However we did get her a couple of useful presents: lip scrub and lip balm from The Body Shop and a wrinkle care moisturiser by Skin Food from the black honey line. She loves everything!

I did cut my hair on Monday, it doesn’t look like this anymore. On the one hand when I look at these pictures I miss it, but the cut itself as so weird and the edges of the hair were so ruined, that there was no other choice. I do feel lighter and younger, though!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Weekend in Cascais

Weekend is almost over. At least these last few days weren’t bad. The sun has been shining, so we went to Cascais on Thursday to enjoy a few days in a different environment and to check if everything was ok with the house. Thankfully everything was fine and the house wasn’t even that cold. Well the first thing I did when we got there was open the windows and let the warmth invade the house.

It’s really a different place. The air itself doesn’t feel the same, the people seem happier and the streets are more lively. It’s too bad that most of the stores available are Chinese. All those old stores and boutiques disappeared. So off we went to check out what news the Chinese stores had! Pretty much nothing… Disappointing actually! When they first opened, they showed different and original clothing and shoes and even accessories. Now, everything is the same and the prices are getting higher and higher, meaning it’s not worth buying items in those stores anymore. 

Just the other day, while taking a walk around my neighbourhood is Lisbon, I noticed two women coming out of the “most fashionable and chique” Chinese store, talking out loud, so that everyone could hear, about how outraged they were at the price of a bag, because after all, it was JUST a bag! If they keep up like this, they will eventually start closing too.

Well, I’m back in Lisbon and tomorrow starts a whole new week that I hope will be good for everyone! 

I’ve also bought, last week, two nail polishes from the collection at H&M. a pink and green one that smell like roses and apples. Decided to try them for these last few days, the smell does linger for at least 3 days. Tried them on Friday, today is Sunday and the smell still lingers. I prefer the apple smell though. Happy with my buy and when I go there again will probably buy two more for when these run out. I have no idea how long will they be available.

And here is a cute picture of me. I’ve been a bit too addicted to playing with the purika cameras on my phone…


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

FOOTD and Duac gel

Sun on one day, rain the next.

I lost my mind last week and did something I regret immensely… I ate a piece of chocolate cake, a really good 100% chocolate cake! The result: annoying and huge pimples on my face, such as I hadn’t seen in almost a year! Yes I did learn my lesson this time. When I tried the new Magnum ice cream “First kiss”, it only gave a tiny pimple. So I thought, maybe chocolate isn’t that harmful anymore? Wrong! It depends on the chocolate and the amount. But I learned my lesson! 

Of course now I have to deal with the pimples and the tee tree oil I bought did nothing, so I thought I should try something more extreme. I bought my Duac gel yesterday. I still had what was left of the first one, but I used so many years ago it had expired already. I was really afraid because I know how strong this medication is however, there is no other choice. I only apply directly on the pimples, otherwise my whole would fall! Boy, this stuff really works! I saw a difference from one day to the next. Hopefully it will terminate the pimples.

Flowery shirt is by Zara Kids, cotton and very comfy
Shorts are by Zara Kids, warm and comfy
Green cardigan bought at a Chinese store
Skin coloured compression tights
Over knee socks should be by Calzedonia
High heel sneakers by Primark

Hoping my skin gets better soon and that the weather becomes sunny and warmer. See you soon!


Monday, 8 April 2013

Just me!

How is everyone doing?

Today I managed to take a walk for a little bit more than an hour before almost freezing to death. Not bad. I wanted to have gone to Amoreiras because the Body Shop started a discount campaign that will last for about two weeks and I’m really curious to see if I can grab something interesting for me to try, but unfortunately couldn’t. I don’t think I will be able to go there before Wednesday, probably…

Yesterday was nice enough. Went to pick my mom and my sisters, we all had lunch here, went for a tiny walk, had a mid-afternoon snack and took them home again. It’s really nice when we are all together but it can be done that often.
This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. I so love that skirt!
White sweater was bought at El Corte Inglês, by Sfera
Skirt is how many years old, bought at a boutique that no longer exits
Black tights are by calzedonia
Shoes were bought at a boutique close to where I live, with 40% off. They are made here, in Portugal.
I’ve been using that sweater t today as well. It’s warm and really comfortable.
This picture was taken quite a few months ago. The window of an antique shop that had just opened. I love antiques and the wooden horse caught my eye because it brought a lot of good and sweet memories. I used to have one just like that when I was a child. I kind of miss those days sometimes.

Oh, and I’m quite happy because my latest order has arrived today. The present for my grandmother’s birthday was included and I really hoped it would come before and it did. I just LOVE Ruby Ruby 76 service!!!!! 


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Etude House maniac??????

Hi everyone!
Sunny day, still very cold, spent most time at home. At least today I feel better, not in so much pain.
Taking advantage of the beautiful I gathered all my products to take a picture, to show you what I have been using for the past months. Actually a couple of them, it’s been almost a year.

When the weather is cloudy and raining I can’t take a picture with good lighting, but I think today with the sun it turned out cute and nice. 
Now to list all the items:
1 Et Hs Be Clear Moisturizer – SPF30 PA++, it’s a whitening lotion although I have to admit that I did not see much results. I used it during the whole summer on my face, neck and arms as a sun protector everyday for about three to four months. Spent half of the bottle.
2 Et Hs Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, W13 – SPF30 PA++, used for about a month when I received it in July. By the end of September started using it again almost every day. Still have product left and will have to open the tube, should still have enough for two more months. It’s very good, I love it a lot.

3 Et Hs Collagen Moistfull First Essence – use it before the moisturizer. Don’t spread it through all of my face, try to avoid the pimples and focus more on the fine lines, including around my eyes. I think it helps a lot together with the cream from the same line, not only to moisturize the skin but to reduce or prevent the appearance of fine lines.
4 Et Hs Real Art Cleansing Oil, moisture type – I’ve just used it a couple of times to see if was good but for now I’m still finishing my Shiseido one unfortunately (will used it until it ends because it was expensive, even though I don’t like it). It works much better. Used it to remove make up for my eyes and lips ONLY, never for my entire face.

5 Et Hs Baling Powder Cleansing foam, moist type – Use it every day, morning and night. It doesn’t dry out my skin and removes the bb cream well if I massage with it a little. Very soft, works well, love it.
6 Et Hs My Lash Serum – when used every day it does make your lashes a bit stronger and they seem no to fall so much. For me it’s enough to my lashes more noticeable so I used it during the day as well. Lovely product, will buy again.

7 Et Hs Wonder Pore Freshner - as you can see it’s a tiny bottle, a sample. It’s my third one. It’s very good as a toner, I’m sure if used regularly, it will minimize the pores. I don’t use it every day because I don’t have the full size yet, but I really want to buy it.
8 Et Hs Collagen Moistfull enriched cream – I’ve been using it every day, morning and night during winter. Very good, works well with the first essence, moisturizers very well without leaving my skin oily and it doesn’t break me out. It helped my skin a lot during the cold winter.

9 Et Hs Collagen Moistfull eye cream – for my eyes it doesn’t seem to moisturize enough, so at night, since I don’t wash my face just before I go to bed, I still have time to put a little more a second time. Still, my skin texture has been improving a little and as of late my skin doesn’t seem to soak up the cream in just a few minutes. Maybe it takes time, considering my eye area was a complete disaster.
10 Et Hs Nymph Aura Volumer 3 Transparent – bought 6 samples. Tried it first mixed with the BB cream but now I just use it under my eyes, cheek bones and cheeks after applying the BB cream or the Be Clear Moisturizer. Did not break me out. Love this product, will buy the full size.

11 Et Hs Dear My Blooming Eyes OR201 Bashful Coral – Cute and handy with all four colours. Used it every day since I received it. The colours don’t look much pigmented ON MY EYES, but it’s clear that I’m using eye shadow. Like it a lot.
12 Et Hs Proof 10 eye shadow primer – works very well, makes the colours more lively and they last all day.

13 Et Hs Peel So Good Cleanser (diamond peel) – during the summer used it every day at least once a day to wash my face. Helped with the oily part and my skin became smoother. However for the winter, only use it to exfoliate my face a couple of times a week. Love the product, want to buy more, but it’s hard to find!
14 Tony Moly Lip Scrub – use it every day. After I just put my Etude House Kissful lip care and my lips feel so smooth. Like it a lot, will buy it again.

A long post, with very long names! In addition, I use the Kissful Lip care stick Peach and I also use the Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Pact that I already reviewed. The Dr. Oil powder I only use it when not wearing bb cream because it makes me look like a ghost. If I just put the Be Clear moisturizer it’s looks just fine. 
I’m not an Etude House maniac and most definitely not affiliated with them, it so happens that it’s a brand that works for my skin, for my wallet and has a lot of products available online. And yes, it also works SO WELL for my eyes, because packaging isn’t everything BUT it counts a lot! 

Thnaks everyone!


Friday, 5 April 2013

First post of 2013

Since July. How shameful!
Today it will not be a review on a product, I’ll just ramble a little although I did buy quite a few products that I needed.

 This was a really harsh winter. Very cold, a lot of rain and it’s been sooooo long. We’re already in April and today was freezing, impossible to go outside. Such a beautiful sunny day but all everyone wants to do is stay at home. I’m also at that horrible time of the month, I feel so sick and it hurts so bad. Not even the sun cheers me much and the wind blows so hard it makes you feel like you are in a horror movie. Good to dry out the mountain of laundry that piled up due to the rainy days.

There was one small thing that made a bit happier today: the order I had placed on the 5th of March, has finally arrived! Very late, but it’s here. I’m sure customs held it to see what happened, however the ebay store was ready to return my money. I’ve been buying on ebay for a couple of years now and the stores that sell Asian cosmetics seem to be really good when it comes to costumer assistance. I never had any problems, never paid something that never arrived to its destination. This order was a shock that it took so long, but in the end the store said they would refund me, but luckily it arrived. If things keep up like this I will continue to by my skincare products through ebay.

The other day when I looked at my skin products, I realised they were mostly by Etude House. Seems I’ve grown accustomed to their products. They do have a huge variety available on ebay, their packaging drives crazy and my skin really likes this brand. And of course they are very pocket friendly. Everything put together it becomes quite hard to resist. Just a few days ago I decided to go to The Body Shop and bought a tee tree oil product jut to use it on those annoying pimples. It’s a very tiny bottle and it cost 7€. It’s supposed to dry and maybe remove the redness. It doesn’t dry them that fast, although they don’t look as red. Still, saw myself searching for the acne treatments by Etude House, yesterday.

 This is a picture I posted through an application I have on my Samsung Galaxy S3. The application is called Snapeee and it’s really fun to decorate all those cute photos. Found the wonderful world of purika that I was dying to try but never went to Japan. But, oh lucky me, there are loads of those for smartphones! YAY! It’s so handy and fun.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Easter. My year didn’t end well and it started worse, but I’ll keep my hopes up and be positive! I heard that a lot of people also had a horrible start this year. Let’s all be positive!
I should also take a picture of all the Etude House products I have and talk a little about my skin care routine.

Thanks everyone!