Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shiseido make-up remover

Still with the cold. Doesn’t seem to want to go away. Want to hit the beach and I can’t, especially since it looks like winter!
Today it’s just a small review on a product I DO NOT LIKE, unfortunately.

SHISEIDO The Skin Care INSTANT eye and lip make up remover.
Bought this product around winter to remove mascara, since the mascara I had at the time was really hard to remove. The one I had couldn’t take everything off and from rubbing my eyes a lot of lashes were starting to fall. It was around 28 euros but since it was SHISEIDO I thought it would be worth it, IT WASN’T!

Packaging: normal. I don’t have the box anymore but it was nothing special. Had the name, the ingredients list and instructions. Instruction also come in the bottle itself in different languages. Contains 125ml. 

Texture: oily. It’s supposed to be an oil make up remover. As you can see it looks like water but has an oily texture. I have to be very careful and use it just where it’s needed because of my already oily skin type. 

Would I buy this again: I most certainly will NOT BUY it again. When I bought it the sales lady assured me it would remove even waterproof mascara. I tried it with maybelline mascaras and then a cheaper one I got for about 2 euros. Removes neither of them. And if you noticed above I used big letters to emphasise the word “instant”. How is it possible? Expensive and very disappointing.
Unfortunately I do NOT recommend this product.

On to another note, I actually thought it would rain today. They sky became so dark when I went out in the morning. Now most of the clouds are gone and the sun can shine a bit. 

My outfit for the day. Nothing special. The difference between this and a winter one is the fact that I’m not wearing tights to warm my legs! Ridiculous to wear something like this in July…

Thanks everyone!



  1. Too bad it doesn't work!
    The western branch of shiseido isn't very good!
    I've had better luck with their japan-only products, the tiss off cleansing oil is quite cheap and very effective!

  2. Sorry to hear that... Shiseido usually has pretty good stuff.. but then again I am also not a fan of oil-based makeup removers.

    By the way, I am having a giveaway...hope you'll get a chance to check it out ^_^


  3. Oh that's too bad... Considering that it was Shiseido, you would expect a lot from them!

    Anyway, you have a new follower here :) Hope you can visit my blog and maybe get a follow back? :) Thank you and looking forward to more posts!



  4. great post *_* your blog is very good and interesting <3 im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!