Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shiseido make-up remover

Still with the cold. Doesn’t seem to want to go away. Want to hit the beach and I can’t, especially since it looks like winter!
Today it’s just a small review on a product I DO NOT LIKE, unfortunately.

SHISEIDO The Skin Care INSTANT eye and lip make up remover.
Bought this product around winter to remove mascara, since the mascara I had at the time was really hard to remove. The one I had couldn’t take everything off and from rubbing my eyes a lot of lashes were starting to fall. It was around 28 euros but since it was SHISEIDO I thought it would be worth it, IT WASN’T!

Packaging: normal. I don’t have the box anymore but it was nothing special. Had the name, the ingredients list and instructions. Instruction also come in the bottle itself in different languages. Contains 125ml. 

Texture: oily. It’s supposed to be an oil make up remover. As you can see it looks like water but has an oily texture. I have to be very careful and use it just where it’s needed because of my already oily skin type. 

Would I buy this again: I most certainly will NOT BUY it again. When I bought it the sales lady assured me it would remove even waterproof mascara. I tried it with maybelline mascaras and then a cheaper one I got for about 2 euros. Removes neither of them. And if you noticed above I used big letters to emphasise the word “instant”. How is it possible? Expensive and very disappointing.
Unfortunately I do NOT recommend this product.

On to another note, I actually thought it would rain today. They sky became so dark when I went out in the morning. Now most of the clouds are gone and the sun can shine a bit. 

My outfit for the day. Nothing special. The difference between this and a winter one is the fact that I’m not wearing tights to warm my legs! Ridiculous to wear something like this in July…

Thanks everyone!