Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Peace Boat June 2012 in Lisbon

It’s been a very long time, as usual…
Japanese class has ended for this year and grandmother is finally feeling better and can walk on her own again!
To celebrate the last class of the year some students gave a tiny guided tour through a few streets of the city of Lisbon to 15 Japanese visitors. These visitors have been going around the globe on a cruise called Peace Boat!!!! They only anchored here for a day, which of course is very little time, but still. We spent the whole day with Japanese people from all age groups. Extremely lovely and nice people! Lunch was Portuguese and around 6 o’clock they offered a traditional Japanese dinner on the cruise. It was a very fun day and really good experience!
My sister and I, together with a couple more class-mates were in charge of two young Japanese girls. They took SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures!!!! And in the end they offered us two drink from Japanese vending machines from Kirin, my sister and I got the Kirin Lemon drink. Very good!!!!!!
Our group on the boat! Left is Minami san and on the right is Hikari san
Credit to Hikarin san for the photo!
It's amazing really. Hikari san is a ntural! She could strike a pose in seconds! Jealous...
Just outside the portuguese restaurant. Again the credit of the pictures goes to Hikari san, please don't use them!!!!

A very fun and educational Friday!
The great weekend didn’t end here but I will make another post on the HOG Rally 2012!

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  1. that sounds really fun! ^__^
    the best way to learn a new language is to use it.. makes me want to re-learn Japanese... >__<