Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lemon cleansing foam

Hi everyone! The heat decided to show up at full strength for a couple of days, but it seems Thursday it will be gone and my chances of going to beach will once again disappear.
Oh well! Nothing you can do!

Today I will be reviewing a cleanser by the Korean brand Holika Holika. As you know I was used to using the My Beauty Diary strawberry cleanser and very much in love with the product. After my second purchase I decided to try another one. You never know, there might even be better out there with so many brands and different products to try!

I was running out of both cleanser and moisturizer and started searching for new ones to try. I researched reviews and came across a haul video where a very cute and interesting cream was showed. The package was adorable, all pink and pretty. The jelly type cream was very cool because when you did a hole with your finger the cream would start to close itself! So I decided to try it but only found it on taobao. So I thought I should try a cleanser of the same brand and found the Daily Garden on ebay! And it was cheaper than My Beauty Diary (Around 9$, if that much)! How nice!

Daily garden has 5 different cleansing foams for different purposes and different smells:
Green tea
Unfortunately I can’t find the seller anymore, he explained what each did. I do remember however that the lemon had exfoliating properties and removed dead skin, reason why I bought it.

Packaging: Very simple, a yellow tube with green designs and writing and a white cap. It contains 120ml. All written in Korean at the back. Although simple as it is, I find it cute and very easy to use. The cap can also be removed. 

Fragrance: Has slight lemon smell, not strong at all.

Texture: Not liquidy and soft. It’s also yellow. As soon as you spread it turns into foam.

This amount should be more than enough. I started using a bit less after a couple of weeks

How to my way: Whenever I wash my face, usually morning and night. Wet face and then wipe my hands so they are almost dry. Squeeze needed amount onto hands and then spread all over my face. Massage a little and then rinse off with water! Easy!

Please excuse my horrible face!

Longevity: opened on the 5th of March 2012. It’s like this almost 4 months later using it every, twice a day. As you can there is still product in the tube so 4 months easily, although I already have another cleanser from Etude House waiting to be opened, BUT ONLY when this one runs out.

You can still see close to the cap there is still product to be used!

Would I buy this again: This time I did not. With the My Beauty Diary cleanser you could feel it did some exfoliation, very soft of course, but it was there. This one did not feel exfoliating at all when washing my face. My skin looked better and felt better with the other cleanser. However NO bad or allergic reaction whatsoever! Yes, it’s a good cleanser but for what I wanted it did not perform.

I hope this was helpful.
Take care everyone!  



  1. thanks for the review! The other cleanser had cuter packaging anyway!

  2. never heard lemon for exfoliation... what I do know is that it helps to brighten skin and good for the oily skin type... but hey... I'm not a makeup expert so... Hahaha...

    I'm surprised that you can get holika2 there!! O__o did you buy it online or is there a physical shop there?
    There was one in Singapore, but it closed down and never reopen until now... DD; and I was hoping I could try out some stuff too...
    ... Though... if possible I want to buy it in Korea. Coz I heard if you spend a certain amount, you'll get CN Blue (the band that endorses the brand) poster for free! XDD AND the products are supposedly super cheap in Korea...

  3. Thanjs for your review! i think i will buy the beauty dairy cleanser;)