Friday, 22 June 2012

HOG Rally 2012

Wish I was there again!!!!
Saturday morning we woke up to go pick my mother and younger sister, Ipa was already with me. Plans ruined because we couldn’t enter the city after until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, because the parade of motorbikes was to be held throughout the streets of the city. So we didn’t leave. We thought the day was ruined. Mother was so anticipating this event!!!
 Around 1 o’clock you could hear the police cars and then all of sudden a LOUD ROAR OF BIKES!!! The parade lasted for about 15 minutes and my sister recorded everything. Awesome and crazy bikes with lots of bikers and wives waving goodbye! One of them took the wife and two teenage daughters on the bike. They didn’t seem uncomfortable at all! My sister and I were mesmerized. I didn’t count on sooooooooo many people, didn’t even think all them would fit into the city’s streets. But they did. After it was over we ran to talk to the police to see if cars could get into the city again and they said yes. In a flash, but carefully because car accidents do happen, went to pick Mother and Margarida (the youngest one).
Turned out to be a good day. The bikers parked in the main street so people could see the awesome bikes and take pictures. My sister has her album on facebook so I will leave the link for everyone to see. Cascais was full!!! I can’t remember the last time I saw our tiny city (used to be a village, now it’s a city although nobody agrees to that) filled with people of all ages having fun in the sun. A great memory. Grandmother also enjoyed it, thankfully she was already recovered and went on a stroll. 
Grandmother on the right, Mother on the left
COOL, AWESOME AND VERY NICE biker in the middle!
Me, Filipa, aka Ipa, and Margarida, aka Dida
This bike was huge and it was from Spain. The biker was nice because he was leaving in a hurry!
At night there was stage for concerts! We had no idea what bands would play and before 8 o’clock Mother and all three of her daughters, were more or less in the middle, not too close to the front but not at the back either. It started with Boot Led Zeppelin, still daylight. Those tight jeans… they should be forbidden. Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures of that, kind of forgot. A shame, really wanted to show you de VERY TIGHT jeans!
Here is a picture taken when this band was playing. The bikers right in front of us were having so much fun at one point!

 Lots of drinks and food for everyone to enjoy!
Yes, also a lot of drunk people, BUT no harm and no fuss! 
After Boot Led Zeppelin they gave out a few awards and thanked the team and organizers. In the mean time, night had fallen and gave way to (sound of drums) Ladies and Gentlemen… ELVIS PRESLEY. The men playing Elvis was really amazing, so amazing that the three of us (sisters) were behaving like little teenage girls screaming our lungs out for Elvis! Well, the youngest one IS 13 years old, but Ipa and me… shame!!!! He gave out scarves, came down from the stage to hand out directly to the people at the front row, and there Ipa went and got a pink scarf handed directly to her hand by him! And we screamed! And we jumped! And we behaved like horny little girls… SHAME!!! THE SHAME!!!!
And his outfits were so cool, this one had a peacock!
He was so awesome!!!!
After the great Elvis came Platinum The Live ABBA Tribute Show. Mother was delighted! The whole concert brought her a canopy of memories that you see in her eyes and face. I felt so happy that my mother was happy that night! They were awesome, the clothes were very much like the original. More tight pants, BUT unfortunately did not have the same effect, not for us anyway… XD So sorry ABBA fellas.
 The thing that surprised me the most was how Dida reacted to all of this. She is 13 years old and I thought she wouldn’t like or know most of the artists or songs. I was very much mistaken!! She knew them and we all sang and danced to them.
Mother and my sisters had to sleep with us, the concert was over at around 1o’clock in the morning. The next day I went to take them home. Many bikers were also leaving but others stayed at least until Monday.

A great weekend for the whole family and I think that is to value. A lot of people don’t spend that much time with family, but I’ve come to cherish it because we never know when they will go.
Thanks everyone!!! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing!


PS: here is the link to the album HOG RALLY 2012 

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  1. i've heard of this and it looks like fun! bikes are so cool to look at but i don't ride haha don't forget to check out my $50 gift card giveaway!