Monday, 7 May 2012

Lip Ice by Mentholatum review

Lovely month of May, or is it???? The weather is ruining my month! How is it possible to have such a wintery day in May?????? So depressed!!
Lip care by Mentholatum. 
Cute packaging, right?

This is the second one and as you can see close to its end. It’s called Lip Ice because you feel your lips really fresh when applying it, almost like you used an ice cube! For me that is great. When the cold feeling wears off you will feel like you’ve used an oily product on your lips. 
This one smells like strawberry but it’s not a very strong smell, I believe a lot of people could use it and it’s white although I was expecting a pink colour when I first got it. So that means no colour on your lips. They will become a bit shiny, with a hydrating feel to it.
 I did like it very much and I did bought a second one. Leaves my lips very soft, but I do apply it throughout the day. It will last a couple of hours.
The reason I did not get the third one is because I wanted to try Clairs’s lip balms. My sister had bought one already and really like it so considering the price is almost the same, I decided to try the chocolate cupcake one. What happens is this: Lip Ice works great to use a coloured lipstick or gloss over it; the Claire’s one doesn’t. Meaning I will have to either buy the Lip Ice again or look for another one!



  1. It's always good to have a lipbalm with SPF!

  2. The weather was like in cali in the beginning of May. Now it's becoming super hot. Nice lip balm. Reminds me to buy some soon. ^^