Monday, 26 March 2012

Skin Food Aloe Sun BB cream petit review

Sunny day and a bit hot!
Today I tried my sample of the Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream.
     Used the whole sample. Didn’t have much, apparently…
Shade: The sample was colour #1. Not greyish like the Skin79, more on the pink side actually. On my face it looks quite pink. I did not like the result very much.
          I really liked the colour when I looked at this, but then…
Blended , did not like it so much and you can see that it’s a bit on the pink side.
Texture: Very liquidy. Easy to blend and very light weight. However when spreading it over my face it seemed to have tiny particles, felt like sand (associated immediately because of the “Sun BB Cream” to the beach) but it didn’t scratch or hurt, just felt weird. It’s a sample, I have no idea if it was in good condition or not!
Coverage: Light coverage and it did not take care of the redness on my face. It doesn’t have a powdery finish or matte finish. But it’s not very glowy.
In this picture seems to work well. The red on my cheeks is from the blush.

Oil-Control: Does not work for my skin. It will get shiny after no more than two hours but that’s because of the oil. On my skin it has bad oil-control. I’m at home right now and I’m fighting the urge to go and wash my face because I don’t know if I’m still going out or not. You feel your face is oily. Even after the Etude House Dr Oil Powder. Considering how good the powder is, it means the bb cream is very oily.
Longevity: Will melt. If I run my fingers through my face bb cream will come out!
Would I buy this: I will not. It did not even-out my skin tone and has a very light coverage. No oil-control on my face (my poor T-Zone and my chin, my POOR, POOR chin is so oily). The colour would work better than the Lioele I tried a few days ago but nothing else works!

In this picture however, you can see the redness on my forehead and chin. And mind you this was a picture taken with light focusing on my face!!! You can also see some oily parts…

In the mean time my Etude House Mineral BB cream and orange lipstick has arrived at my sister’s house. Still have to wait until Friday to try it out and considering these two samples I tried, I’m very nervous!!!! I really hope this Etude House one works. I’ve read so many reviews and so many people seem to like it, I hope I become one of those! Thanks everyone!!


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  1. I think this bb cream is meant for normal skin types, that maybe why it didn't do much for oil control!
    I have a sample of the grape one, I didn't like it much either because of no oil control! To be fair it's meant to be anti-aging!
    also I didn't care for the semi-matte finish, I prefer dewy finishes! ~(^з^)-☆