Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sana and Etude House Powder_5

Oil-Control: Sana has nice oil control. It controlled the oil better when applied alone over sunscreen or moisturizer. I usually applied it twice a day, whether cold or hot. On colder days it would last around 4 to 5 hours without looking oily. In the summer it lasted a bit less, but not a very significant change. I would use it twice a day, but then again I don’t really freak out if my make-up doesn’t look perfect. On really HOT days it didn’t last more than a couple of hours. However, looking back at pictures taken throughout the day, I don’t remember my face getting to the point of looking like you could fry an egg! It did managed to hide a bit of the pores, but not that much.

Etude House has very good oil control. The two times I tried without anything underneath, it worked just about the same. So it serves its purpose of controlling oil. Have been using it for little more than a month and we’re in winter. I can say that this powder, on my face, can hold up to 6 hours without looking oily. It’s matte finish but after a couple of hours the glowing of the bb cream will start to show, it’s really that “healthy glow” and NOT, I repeat, NOT oil on my face! Antishine effect will last for about 4 hours, but again NO OIL!!!!! So can’t tell how it would work for summer yet. But regarding the oil control, I think Etude House Dr Oil works better for me.
Picture of me by midday with just my Skin79 bb cream. As you can see, after about 3 to 4 hours it starts to get a bit shiny. You can see a little on my forehead between my eyebrows.
After applying the Etude House Dr Oil. Can you tell any BIG difference, besides not being shiny? I’m almost the exact same colour as the picture above, maybe a bit lighter.  But the powder is very sheer compared to the Sana one.

Would I buy this again: I’m still very new to make-up, so I have many things to try. I think they are both nice products; overall I like the Etude House one better but when I finish it or if hot weather comes first, I will try to buy a powder with a nice coverage to use alone. But for winter, since I’ve been using bb cream every day I would probably buy the Etude House Dr Oil again.
Will remind this again: NO breakouts or allergic reactions to either of them!

Hope this helped. Sorry if it was very long, but I wrote the information I usually seek when checking for products myself.
My Skin79 Lovely Girl BB cream, which I have already reviewed, is coming to an end really fast! It lasted me a whole year. Just waiting for my new bb cream to arrive, hopefully before April 1st, when we have a family reunion and don’t know if the Skin79 will last me until then… The awaited BB cream is Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream (All day strong) shade #1 supposed to be for oily skin. Can’t wait!


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  1. both powders look tempting!
    I've been so oily lately I kinda wanna try the Etude House one! But I think it may be too pale for me... It could always go in the kit...
    Except I have so much powder it will take years before I run out ಠ_ಠ
    but the packaging I so cute! I wanna!(=^ェ^=)