Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sana and Etude House Powder_2

Packaging: I like both to be honest, different but cute. Sana is yellowish with the cute elephant and came in that big plastic case! Etude House is a pretty blue colour and came inside that blue and white carton box. However there is an important difference: the Etude House one is much better quality packaging wise. It’s more sturdy, it’s a bit heavier and the plastic that separates the puff from the powder is also better. Sana had a very thin plastic sheet that quickly fell and went to the garbage. And of course EVERYTHING is in Japanese and Korean!
The Sana package looks more yellow in real life and it’s a bit smaller as well.

Etude House in pretty baby blue colours. Contains 11g.
The plastic protection. It’s hard plastic.

Fragrance: Sana smells minty together with the puff. The puff alone has the mint smell. It’s fresh but not heavy. I think even people who don’t like fragranced products could very easily cope with this. My sister had no problem and she’s very picky about smells. Etude House has something like a baby powder smell maybe. I can’t tell exactly but again very soft. The puff has no smell of its own.
The minty puff!

Cuter and handier but no fragrance!

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