Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sana and Etude House Powder_1

This will be a comparison review from the two powders I have used for the last year or so. Two completely different brands, from two different countries BUT this is NOT about taking sides. Based on my experience and PERSONAL opinion.
SANA Make Up Essence Oil Block and Pore Cover Powder bought on alphabeauty uk (ebay).

Etude House Dr Oil Solution Antishine Finish Pact bought on rubyruby76(ebay)
I didn’t buy it on auction, for some reason they don’t have the buy now option for this product…and the auction is ending soon.

Both were affordable, at least for me. The Sana powder was bought almost a year ago. And now that I think about it lasted for quite a while. Etude House was bought a month ago after finishing the Sana powder. NO breakouts or allergic reactions to either of them!

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