Saturday, 24 March 2012

Randomness and Lioele petit review

Came to spend the weekend is Cascais as usually. Shame it’s cloudy and raining. Spring has also arrived, in the calendar, but still cold.  Rain is needed but the weather could be a bit warmer. Also next week we have a family lunch because my cousin, a well renowned Historian and became a successful author a few years ago; João Paulo Oliveira e Costa is going to become 50 this year, on April fool’s day and it is a very good opportunity to gather the WHOLE family! Just wish next Sunday the weather  will be on our side and becomes warm and sunny!

Today I decided to use a sample I had from Lioele: Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream. My sister and I both used it today so the sample was completely used. Don’t have any pictures of swatches but this is just a tiny opinion, based on one day usage.
Shade: My sister is extremely fair so it did not work on her at all!!!! It was horrible. It’s very dark for her. I also did not like the shade on my face, thought it was a bit dark as well. Prefer the Skin79 Dream Girls (pink package) BB cream.
Texture: Very liquid, very easy to blend actually and it feels very light. It doesn’t have that dewy finish, but after a few hours it feels like you have powder on your face. And my face doesn’t feel moisturised.
Coverage: Medium to full. A little can cover a lot of skin. Scars can’t be hidden. Lighter pimples, can be covered. About the pores… does not work that well. My sister has larger pores and it was horrible. You could see them even more. And just a while ago I passed my hand through my nose and it wasn’t smooth.
Oil-Control: Seems to be quite nice. It lasted a full 5 hours without looking or feeling oily.
Longevity: It’s night and I still have the bb cream on my face. It lasted through the whole day, including a couple of hours at the mall where it was hot. But it did not melt or anything.
Would I buy this: Well I would not. Although the oil control is very good and does not feel heavy at all even with a very good coverage, don’t like the colour, my skin doesn’t feel soft and smooth, feels a bit dry actually. Also becomes a bit cakey. Doesn’t look natural. You can’t tell by the picture but it really doesn’t look natural, especially if someone comes closer to my face…
You can see my forehead is a bit shiny, but this was after those 5 hours that I mentioned. I know the picture doesn’t show much how fake it looks, but when my sister looked closely at me she didn’t like the effect, compared to the Skin 79 one.
And how is the weather in other countries everyone?


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  1. Liole is such a popular brand, I'm surprised that this bb cream would be dry rather than dewy as bb creams should be! thanks for the review, I'll give this one a miss!

    oh, spring is finally here! ( ˘ ³˘)♥