Sunday, 18 March 2012

Make up goodies!

March already! Spring is arriving - at least on the calendar!
We’ve had a couple of weeks with warm weather. Everyone thought Spring was coming early this year, winter returned a couple of days ago.
On with the goodies. I had to save up to buy these things, although of course I didn’t get them all at once, but little by little.

Six items can be counted because the pink box is a set with two samples, which means I only paid for the pink glass cream. Suffering from skin problems, ever since I can remember and after my grandparents spent (around high school period) time and money on doctors and treatments that did not work, it got to a point when I gave up. It was ridiculous. I remember taking some pills for pimples and oily skin that promised miracles, only to make my skin extremely dry and dehydrated, looking like fish scales and the acne was still there!!!! It also ruined my lips because they became sooooo dry!

After all those experiences, I decided to stick with what God gave me and only try anything within an affordable price range. For years I didn’t use make up because either they were no good or made allergic reactions, or both. Just washed my face and used a moisturizer. And then a couple of years ago I found out about Asian make up and skin care and the best part being: GOOD quality at VERY AFFORDABLE prices. All of this to say that although it looks like a lot, it really wasn’t expensive because I don’t think it’s worth it and I can’t afford expensive. And they were bought over the last couple of months, not at the same time.
Apart from two, all of them are from Korean brands, for the only reason that I think Korean products work better for my oily skin. Japanese products are wonderful but I think they work better for dry skins, my grandmother uses Japanese products and she loves them!

Two of these items are from Springfield make up. The brand that sells clothes now has make up as well. None of the items reaches 5 euro so a lot of people can enjoy them. The two items on the bottom left, an orange blusher (looks more orange in real life) and a liquid eye liner.
Moving on to the next, a cute blue round container. Dr. Oil Solution by Etude House. It’s a powder that claims to control sebum and oil. I’ve been using it for a month and half and it does seem to do just that. I will post a review on this item comparing it to the one I had before by Sana Japan.
With somewhat golden and orange colours is the Skin Food Salmon dark circle concealer. Looks tiny, but it is not. This was bought for both my grandmother and I. we can both use it and it will last long. It leaves my dark circles a lot brighter!
The yellow and green item is by Holika Holika. The Witch themed Korean brand. Daily Garden is a yellow cleansing foam that helps remove dead skin and impurities and acts like a mild scrub.  Does smell like lemon but not too strong. I’ve been using it twice a day and I like how soft my skin becomes. Will also review this one later.
The last big and pink box contains a set of a supposedly miraculous cream!
The Plumping Heart Lifting Cream Special Set! Long name! The line is called Plumping Heart but I don’t know if they gave replaced it already. They do have another lifting cream from another line and you can’t find this item anywhere! It is usually sold out and very hard to find. This item I bought through smalltao, the English dealer and site for the Taobao shop. On ebay this item does not exist anymore.
So this is it for today! Just showing my latest buys. I’m very happy with them. Thanks everyone!


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  1. wah, those products look so tempting!
    I can't wait for the review, specially for the eyeliner and face cream!