Monday, 26 March 2012

Skin Food Aloe Sun BB cream petit review

Sunny day and a bit hot!
Today I tried my sample of the Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream.
     Used the whole sample. Didn’t have much, apparently…
Shade: The sample was colour #1. Not greyish like the Skin79, more on the pink side actually. On my face it looks quite pink. I did not like the result very much.
          I really liked the colour when I looked at this, but then…
Blended , did not like it so much and you can see that it’s a bit on the pink side.
Texture: Very liquidy. Easy to blend and very light weight. However when spreading it over my face it seemed to have tiny particles, felt like sand (associated immediately because of the “Sun BB Cream” to the beach) but it didn’t scratch or hurt, just felt weird. It’s a sample, I have no idea if it was in good condition or not!
Coverage: Light coverage and it did not take care of the redness on my face. It doesn’t have a powdery finish or matte finish. But it’s not very glowy.
In this picture seems to work well. The red on my cheeks is from the blush.

Oil-Control: Does not work for my skin. It will get shiny after no more than two hours but that’s because of the oil. On my skin it has bad oil-control. I’m at home right now and I’m fighting the urge to go and wash my face because I don’t know if I’m still going out or not. You feel your face is oily. Even after the Etude House Dr Oil Powder. Considering how good the powder is, it means the bb cream is very oily.
Longevity: Will melt. If I run my fingers through my face bb cream will come out!
Would I buy this: I will not. It did not even-out my skin tone and has a very light coverage. No oil-control on my face (my poor T-Zone and my chin, my POOR, POOR chin is so oily). The colour would work better than the Lioele I tried a few days ago but nothing else works!

In this picture however, you can see the redness on my forehead and chin. And mind you this was a picture taken with light focusing on my face!!! You can also see some oily parts…

In the mean time my Etude House Mineral BB cream and orange lipstick has arrived at my sister’s house. Still have to wait until Friday to try it out and considering these two samples I tried, I’m very nervous!!!! I really hope this Etude House one works. I’ve read so many reviews and so many people seem to like it, I hope I become one of those! Thanks everyone!!


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Randomness and Lioele petit review

Came to spend the weekend is Cascais as usually. Shame it’s cloudy and raining. Spring has also arrived, in the calendar, but still cold.  Rain is needed but the weather could be a bit warmer. Also next week we have a family lunch because my cousin, a well renowned Historian and became a successful author a few years ago; João Paulo Oliveira e Costa is going to become 50 this year, on April fool’s day and it is a very good opportunity to gather the WHOLE family! Just wish next Sunday the weather  will be on our side and becomes warm and sunny!

Today I decided to use a sample I had from Lioele: Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream. My sister and I both used it today so the sample was completely used. Don’t have any pictures of swatches but this is just a tiny opinion, based on one day usage.
Shade: My sister is extremely fair so it did not work on her at all!!!! It was horrible. It’s very dark for her. I also did not like the shade on my face, thought it was a bit dark as well. Prefer the Skin79 Dream Girls (pink package) BB cream.
Texture: Very liquid, very easy to blend actually and it feels very light. It doesn’t have that dewy finish, but after a few hours it feels like you have powder on your face. And my face doesn’t feel moisturised.
Coverage: Medium to full. A little can cover a lot of skin. Scars can’t be hidden. Lighter pimples, can be covered. About the pores… does not work that well. My sister has larger pores and it was horrible. You could see them even more. And just a while ago I passed my hand through my nose and it wasn’t smooth.
Oil-Control: Seems to be quite nice. It lasted a full 5 hours without looking or feeling oily.
Longevity: It’s night and I still have the bb cream on my face. It lasted through the whole day, including a couple of hours at the mall where it was hot. But it did not melt or anything.
Would I buy this: Well I would not. Although the oil control is very good and does not feel heavy at all even with a very good coverage, don’t like the colour, my skin doesn’t feel soft and smooth, feels a bit dry actually. Also becomes a bit cakey. Doesn’t look natural. You can’t tell by the picture but it really doesn’t look natural, especially if someone comes closer to my face…
You can see my forehead is a bit shiny, but this was after those 5 hours that I mentioned. I know the picture doesn’t show much how fake it looks, but when my sister looked closely at me she didn’t like the effect, compared to the Skin 79 one.
And how is the weather in other countries everyone?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sana and Etude House Powder_5

Oil-Control: Sana has nice oil control. It controlled the oil better when applied alone over sunscreen or moisturizer. I usually applied it twice a day, whether cold or hot. On colder days it would last around 4 to 5 hours without looking oily. In the summer it lasted a bit less, but not a very significant change. I would use it twice a day, but then again I don’t really freak out if my make-up doesn’t look perfect. On really HOT days it didn’t last more than a couple of hours. However, looking back at pictures taken throughout the day, I don’t remember my face getting to the point of looking like you could fry an egg! It did managed to hide a bit of the pores, but not that much.

Etude House has very good oil control. The two times I tried without anything underneath, it worked just about the same. So it serves its purpose of controlling oil. Have been using it for little more than a month and we’re in winter. I can say that this powder, on my face, can hold up to 6 hours without looking oily. It’s matte finish but after a couple of hours the glowing of the bb cream will start to show, it’s really that “healthy glow” and NOT, I repeat, NOT oil on my face! Antishine effect will last for about 4 hours, but again NO OIL!!!!! So can’t tell how it would work for summer yet. But regarding the oil control, I think Etude House Dr Oil works better for me.
Picture of me by midday with just my Skin79 bb cream. As you can see, after about 3 to 4 hours it starts to get a bit shiny. You can see a little on my forehead between my eyebrows.
After applying the Etude House Dr Oil. Can you tell any BIG difference, besides not being shiny? I’m almost the exact same colour as the picture above, maybe a bit lighter.  But the powder is very sheer compared to the Sana one.

Would I buy this again: I’m still very new to make-up, so I have many things to try. I think they are both nice products; overall I like the Etude House one better but when I finish it or if hot weather comes first, I will try to buy a powder with a nice coverage to use alone. But for winter, since I’ve been using bb cream every day I would probably buy the Etude House Dr Oil again.
Will remind this again: NO breakouts or allergic reactions to either of them!

Hope this helped. Sorry if it was very long, but I wrote the information I usually seek when checking for products myself.
My Skin79 Lovely Girl BB cream, which I have already reviewed, is coming to an end really fast! It lasted me a whole year. Just waiting for my new bb cream to arrive, hopefully before April 1st, when we have a family reunion and don’t know if the Skin79 will last me until then… The awaited BB cream is Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream (All day strong) shade #1 supposed to be for oily skin. Can’t wait!


Sana and Etude House Powder_4

Coverage: Sana has a light to medium coverage and during the summer I used it alone with no bb cream or foundation beneath it. It would still cover my redness and a few minor spots. I used it for about 3 months without the bb cream and worked really well. Matte finish.
Etude House has matte finish and light coverage or none at all! Can only be used over foundation or bb cream. Tried using it alone twice and nothing. Doesn’t even-out the skin tone. On the other hand, when used over my bb cream works incredibly well!!! Only usable on top of foundations or bb creams. I don’t have a primer yet (REALLY WANT ONE) but I don’t think it will work just on top of that…
Tried doing swatches but as you see, you see NOTHING. The light in my room doesn’t help, tried other rooms and the result was same. Stupid phone camera…
So decided to try it like this!!! Worked. Have to tell you that used more Etude House than Sana and as you can see, Etude house is lighter and more sheer, really just to be used on top and not alone.

Sana and Etude House Powder_3

Shade: Sana seems to be a bit a bit darker. I apologize for the pictures but I didn’t take any when it was still whole. But even if you search the product you can see that it’s a bit darker. No white cast whatsoever. Etude House is quite light, not for me, but you would have to be very white to use it. For darker people or if you get a bit of tan over the summer will not work. Does leave a bit (even on my face it’s hardly noticeable) of a white cast, which doesn’t bother me at all. It also depends on how much powder you apply.
The Sana powder you could apply more and still look natural, if you put too much Etude House powder you might look a bit ghastly and not natural at all.
Again I apologize immensely but I really forgot. Still you can tell that it’s a bit darker and more on the yellow tone. They actually call it beige on the site where I bought it
Etude House is lighter and doesn’t seem so yellowish. And as you can see it’s been a month and half and you can already see the bottom…

Sana and Etude House Powder_2

Packaging: I like both to be honest, different but cute. Sana is yellowish with the cute elephant and came in that big plastic case! Etude House is a pretty blue colour and came inside that blue and white carton box. However there is an important difference: the Etude House one is much better quality packaging wise. It’s more sturdy, it’s a bit heavier and the plastic that separates the puff from the powder is also better. Sana had a very thin plastic sheet that quickly fell and went to the garbage. And of course EVERYTHING is in Japanese and Korean!
The Sana package looks more yellow in real life and it’s a bit smaller as well.

Etude House in pretty baby blue colours. Contains 11g.
The plastic protection. It’s hard plastic.

Fragrance: Sana smells minty together with the puff. The puff alone has the mint smell. It’s fresh but not heavy. I think even people who don’t like fragranced products could very easily cope with this. My sister had no problem and she’s very picky about smells. Etude House has something like a baby powder smell maybe. I can’t tell exactly but again very soft. The puff has no smell of its own.
The minty puff!

Cuter and handier but no fragrance!

Sana and Etude House Powder_1

This will be a comparison review from the two powders I have used for the last year or so. Two completely different brands, from two different countries BUT this is NOT about taking sides. Based on my experience and PERSONAL opinion.
SANA Make Up Essence Oil Block and Pore Cover Powder bought on alphabeauty uk (ebay).

Etude House Dr Oil Solution Antishine Finish Pact bought on rubyruby76(ebay)
I didn’t buy it on auction, for some reason they don’t have the buy now option for this product…and the auction is ending soon.

Both were affordable, at least for me. The Sana powder was bought almost a year ago. And now that I think about it lasted for quite a while. Etude House was bought a month ago after finishing the Sana powder. NO breakouts or allergic reactions to either of them!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Make up goodies!

March already! Spring is arriving - at least on the calendar!
We’ve had a couple of weeks with warm weather. Everyone thought Spring was coming early this year, winter returned a couple of days ago.
On with the goodies. I had to save up to buy these things, although of course I didn’t get them all at once, but little by little.

Six items can be counted because the pink box is a set with two samples, which means I only paid for the pink glass cream. Suffering from skin problems, ever since I can remember and after my grandparents spent (around high school period) time and money on doctors and treatments that did not work, it got to a point when I gave up. It was ridiculous. I remember taking some pills for pimples and oily skin that promised miracles, only to make my skin extremely dry and dehydrated, looking like fish scales and the acne was still there!!!! It also ruined my lips because they became sooooo dry!

After all those experiences, I decided to stick with what God gave me and only try anything within an affordable price range. For years I didn’t use make up because either they were no good or made allergic reactions, or both. Just washed my face and used a moisturizer. And then a couple of years ago I found out about Asian make up and skin care and the best part being: GOOD quality at VERY AFFORDABLE prices. All of this to say that although it looks like a lot, it really wasn’t expensive because I don’t think it’s worth it and I can’t afford expensive. And they were bought over the last couple of months, not at the same time.
Apart from two, all of them are from Korean brands, for the only reason that I think Korean products work better for my oily skin. Japanese products are wonderful but I think they work better for dry skins, my grandmother uses Japanese products and she loves them!

Two of these items are from Springfield make up. The brand that sells clothes now has make up as well. None of the items reaches 5 euro so a lot of people can enjoy them. The two items on the bottom left, an orange blusher (looks more orange in real life) and a liquid eye liner.
Moving on to the next, a cute blue round container. Dr. Oil Solution by Etude House. It’s a powder that claims to control sebum and oil. I’ve been using it for a month and half and it does seem to do just that. I will post a review on this item comparing it to the one I had before by Sana Japan.
With somewhat golden and orange colours is the Skin Food Salmon dark circle concealer. Looks tiny, but it is not. This was bought for both my grandmother and I. we can both use it and it will last long. It leaves my dark circles a lot brighter!
The yellow and green item is by Holika Holika. The Witch themed Korean brand. Daily Garden is a yellow cleansing foam that helps remove dead skin and impurities and acts like a mild scrub.  Does smell like lemon but not too strong. I’ve been using it twice a day and I like how soft my skin becomes. Will also review this one later.
The last big and pink box contains a set of a supposedly miraculous cream!
The Plumping Heart Lifting Cream Special Set! Long name! The line is called Plumping Heart but I don’t know if they gave replaced it already. They do have another lifting cream from another line and you can’t find this item anywhere! It is usually sold out and very hard to find. This item I bought through smalltao, the English dealer and site for the Taobao shop. On ebay this item does not exist anymore.
So this is it for today! Just showing my latest buys. I’m very happy with them. Thanks everyone!