Monday, 14 November 2011

Nailstickers - Tips review 2

They only lasted me 2 days without any flaw. Parts of the stickers started to tear apart very quickly. I was disappointed at that. I always use gloves when washing my hair and taking showers because of hot water, or even doing the dishes. It was the first time that something like this only lasted for such little amount of time!!!

But worst came along. Since my tips were much narrower I ended up breaking two of them on the right hand and there is a third one in line! 
Broke these two, they have grown a bit and I’m shaping them carefully to their original size. I know the thumb looks very weird in that picture, in real life it doesn’t look that bad and it will grow in time.
Still don’t know how I’m going to fix this one. Should I just cut it right off or wait a bit longer and try working with the nail file??? I have no idea…
Conclusion: I’m sure I won’t be using those tips anymore!!! Shame because they really look awesome…
And now my nails feel naked, no colour, no stickers, no nothing. Hoping they will become a bit better to attack them again!



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