Monday, 14 November 2011

Nailstickers - Tips review 1

Today I bring you nail stickers! I’m a very big fan of nail stickers for a very simple reason: easy to use and looks great! Not to mention it takes much less time and you can still use your imagination.
I have a nice collection with all shapes and sizes but found these new stickers at a Chinese store. They are to be used on the tips of your nails. Quite handy I thought, considering I’m lousy at french manicure. So I bought a few different ones thinking everything would go just fine. There was something however I did not notice: they are very narrow and my nails are bit wider. But nothing that could not be solved, there are nail files to shape them to the right form.

So I had to let them grow long to shape the tips, just the tips, until they got to the right size. It worked perfectly and I was able to stick the stickers to my nails without any bit of white showing underneath the black.
Well these were not as easy to use!!!! It was quite hard to get them in the right place. Some got a bit crooked and the edges weren’t exactly perfect… the first time is always harder until you get use to things. The glue was not too good, they did not stick too well so I lost count of the top coats I applyed! I used a pink glittery nail polish underneath. Though I’m not sure that was a valid reason for the glue not to stick, I always use base and then colour before applying any sticker.
This was the result. 
They do look pretty and cute and cool but… (on to the next) 

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