Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sunscrren Mentholatum and OMI Japan 1

Here again!
How is everyone doing? This post will be a review about two Japanese sunscreen lotions I have tried since late June, if I’m not mistaken. They also claim to have whitening properties being the reason I bought them, since here there are no whitening lotion, they do the VERY OPPOSITE!

Both were bought from on ebey. Unfortunately both of them are out and I really can’t find the equivalents! I don’t know if they will be reposted for sale or not…

This first one I tried is by Mentholatum (ROTHO). Everything is in Japanese.

This one is by OMI Japan. The reason I got it was because I couldn’t find the new version of the Mentholatum so searched for another one that was wallet friendly as well. I bought two bottles because they were a bit cheaper (around 2 euro) and they have a bit more.
On to the next part... 

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