Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sunscreen Mentholatum and OMI Japan 4

So the OMI one came along. Contains 40ml, the bottle seems to be almost twice the size. I bought two, afraid that they would also disappear. This one lasted me for a bit more than a month, covering the same body parts. Again it dried my skin a lot, which I compensate with my Avon hand cream. This time my arm started to look a bit whiter! But don’t forget that I had used another one for a month!
Given this situation I can’t tell you which one works better. My personal opinion is all I can provide: I do like the OMI better. The bottle has more product, last longer and costs a bit less. And the truth is, this was the one that I was able “measured” the results and see for myself, comparing with my sister. She is very fair, but gained a bit of colour during the summer and last weekend we compared our arms and mine were quite a bit whiter.
Did it work? Most certainly did and very well indeed!
I’m still using the second OMI bottle sine it’s still hot and the sun still burns. However when the bottle ends I don’t think I will be using it during the cold weather, though.
I know it’s a bit ridiculous not to have any photos of the before and after, but I really did not think of the review when I started using it… I can try and take a picture with my sister to see the difference in our arms. I think it will help, she used no sunscreen at all during the summer and again she got just a tiny bit of colour, she is milky white!
Thanks everyone, hope this helped even without the “evidences”. But I would write something like this if it wasn’t true! Feel free to ask any questions!
P.S. – They have a few different items on their site now, from both brands. But none says they have whitening properties, however the OMI ones seem interesting. Will leave you the links so you can check as well and give your opinion!
As you can see this one is alcohol free, contrary to the others and it’s specific for the face (the others worked for your entire body)

Really want to try this one!!! Seems very good and paraben-free! Must work well for winter!

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  1. the one from the second link seems good!
    the OMI also looks promising!
    if the coloured one is anything like the acseine acne one (which is like bb cream, it has some colour) I would give it a miss, the acseine is so light I have to apply it sparingly or I look like a ghost :(