Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sunscreen Mentholatum and OMI Japan 3

Mentholatum lasted me for about a month, using it on my face, neck and bust line, arms and shoulders, ONCE a day. It contains 26ml of milky lotion. Always shake it before using it. DRYED my skin quite a bit! Since I have oily skin on my face, it’s actually very good, however for my already dry hands and arms not so good. That means apply a hand cream that’s very hydrating after and it will balance. At least it’s working for me that way.

Did it work? After a month I did not get darker. I use the car a lot and most of the times the sun always hits my left arm. It did not become darker, nor did my face. However, I did not notice it becoming whiter. After a month, more or less I decided I should give it another try, continuing “the treatment”. Sometimes it takes a while to actually DO something and see results.
And finally part 4... 

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