Friday, 1 July 2011

Liz Lisa

Happy, happy!
Got my dresses and got my order from alphabeautyuk!!!! Well the package is still at my sister’s house but it’s already safe!!!!!
One of them was a surprise from my sister and my mother. I ordered the brown one and got the gorgeous white as birthday present!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Now for my Liz Lisa dresses!!!

This is the one I ordered. I really liked the brown and have nothing in this colour for the summer so I thought this was a good choice! However, when I got it I realized that the dress itself is black filled with flowers and the lace part is brown! It’s a really pretty mix of colours!!!
The surprise dress!!! HOW GORGEOUS IS IT, RIGHT! I wanted to buy this one as well later on, so they surprised me! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! Lovely colours and the lace is so pretty. I think it is really romantic!!
Love them of course, they are so gorgeous!!! 
The fabric is amazing and not as warm as I thought. The brown one can be washed without ironing but the white NEEDS the iron. And yes they are PRETTY SHORT!!!!!!!! I have to walk straight!!!


1 comment:

    they look so floaty and dreamy!
    I bet they feel great on! They sure seem better quality than the stuff we get over here
    OK, you totally have to try a Liz Lisa make up look now!