Monday, 11 July 2011

Strawberry package! 2

The whole box brings 10 items.
4 aloe vera masks
4 strawberry masks
2 strawberry facial cleansers (different sizes, one of them is smaller, travel size)
4 of each, the ones that you can see through the box are the strawberry ones, the aloe are under them.

The two cleansers. A big one and the travel sized one, which I took to my other house, prevents from carrying them back and forth. They are exactly the same product, it’s just the size that changes.

Yes, it’s presented as ice cream!!!!! Again dangerous even for adults in my personal opinion, considering it smells really good and as I will show you DOES look like ice cream. Every time I wash my face, I must remind myself that IT’S NOT food!!!!!!!!

Please tell me I’m not crazy when I feel the urge to eat a bit!!!! It really looks delicious, right???? I mean, it even has a little spoon!!! 
The smell is not as strong as the masks, but it’s very pleasant. Those tiny red dots give a feeling of exfoliating your face. 
But I will make a proper review. Just wanted to show the lovely product I got for a VERY GOOD PRICE!!!! It costs 20 US dollars. With the shipping costs I paid around 20 euro, more or less. SO yes, I’m pretty pleased!!!!! 
I will again THANK TAM CHAN!!! You have been an amazing friend! She introduced me to this store .

It has a lot of choice from really great brands, from cheaper to luxury goods! Still when I say cheaper, by no means are they of less quality. However, they do sell most things cheaper than other stores. I don’t like to badmouth people, but I’ve seen huge differences on prices for this strawberry package I bought! I recommend this store, as the lovely Tam chan did for me. And they were fast! A week and half, including the weekend.
So for now this is it! THANKS AGAIN TAM CHAN!!!



Strawberry package! 1

Better late than never!!!
Will be divided into more than one post because of layout.
    My strawberry package has arrived and already been put to very good use!!!!!! Could not be happier!!!
Took the picture just for reference. It's all written in Chinese. No English instructions on this box. It also presents all the contents of the box as well as the ingredients.

Again the list of the content with pictures. It’s presented as food which is adorable but dangerous if a kid happens to pick this up! But it’s adorable and I think original!
Contents on the next post…

Friday, 1 July 2011

Liz Lisa

Happy, happy!
Got my dresses and got my order from alphabeautyuk!!!! Well the package is still at my sister’s house but it’s already safe!!!!!
One of them was a surprise from my sister and my mother. I ordered the brown one and got the gorgeous white as birthday present!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Now for my Liz Lisa dresses!!!

This is the one I ordered. I really liked the brown and have nothing in this colour for the summer so I thought this was a good choice! However, when I got it I realized that the dress itself is black filled with flowers and the lace part is brown! It’s a really pretty mix of colours!!!
The surprise dress!!! HOW GORGEOUS IS IT, RIGHT! I wanted to buy this one as well later on, so they surprised me! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! Lovely colours and the lace is so pretty. I think it is really romantic!!
Love them of course, they are so gorgeous!!! 
The fabric is amazing and not as warm as I thought. The brown one can be washed without ironing but the white NEEDS the iron. And yes they are PRETTY SHORT!!!!!!!! I have to walk straight!!!


OOTD still from April...

Apparently did not posted a lot of picture on the ameblo with my outfits!

  • White shirt from BERSHKA
  • Lacey vest from the Chinese store (saw the exact same vest at a brand store around 5 times what this one cost me!)
  • Pepe jeans jeans.
  • And sandals from BERSHKA as well. They are really cute, not high, however they are not very comfortable.