Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mostly happy.

Birthday has gone and I am now 29 years old. For some ridiculous reason I don't feel my age at all and everyone looks very surprised when I tell them my age. The day went by normally, my middle sister was already here and we went to pick up mum and our younger sister. A day spent with the family. We had a little adventure in the afternoon, though. Went for a walk after lunch with a glorious sunny day and then all of a sudden, everything became dark when we left the shopping mall.

Rain, rain and more rain!!!! Lightning falling in front us! Horrible storm that lasted for about an hour. The roar of the thunder made everything tremble! But we got home safe, a bit wet, but safe. Then the day became better again.

I finally placed my order for the sheet mask, 2 of each: apple, berries and strawberry with yogurt. Let's just hope this time everything works well. If it does I will not forget to make a review, this time
Also my “nail art” seem to last longer than the first time. I do use a lot of nail polish coats but I thinks it's not too many. The last time they lasted for 5 whole days, although I could have pushed it a bit further. But since i had a bit of free time Thursday afternoon, I removed everything and did them different. I think I got the right “formula” for them to last, always including gloves for taking showers, washing hair, washing dishes. Everything that includes hot water, use gloves. 


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