Monday, 20 June 2011

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 4

4 apparently!!!!!! With links at the end!
I love them, am addicted to these three masks! I only use them twice a week although I think you can use them almost every day, but although they have a lovely price, it’s still too much to buy them for everyday use. I went around a month without them and was going literally crazy, that’s how well they work and how good they make your skin feel!

I really want to order the boxes of ten sheets now, but first will order a cute and very affordable special pack they have on alphabeautyuk: 4 sheets of strawberry yogurt+4 sheets of aloe (convenient because my grandmother can try these) and 2 jars of cleanser (which I’m now dying to try).

By the way, the BB Cream still works wonders and when I spent almost a month without using it, to see what would happen, my skin got more breakouts and even my grandmother asked if had run out of the product. Still, I’m going to try a different BB cream this time. At first I thought about Kanebo, but now I’m going to try SkinFood, I’ve heard wonders from people that use that brand, all over the internet.

Pretty and Cute:

I have already placed the order from the second store, however I have no idea how will the service be. This store was given to me by a VERY DEAR FRIEND, that I met on poupee girl, and she never had any problems with that store. I live in Portugal, she lives in the UK, so will see. Hopefully it will go well. I CAN'T WAIT!

The link for the product I order, just in case someone might want to take a peek!!

Thanks everyone!!!

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