Monday, 20 June 2011

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 3

You place the mask on your face like this.
I don’t have videos, as you know, but anyone can see how to put the mask on their face. It’s easy with the holes!!! You can’t miss! It’s wrinkled because it’s a bit too big but does the job anyway, the liquid is there! I have to readjust it around the nose and upper lip area because it tends to slip a little. But not a problem and that’s why I always have a towel around my neck to also clean my hands when touching the mask.

No before and after photo because of bad lighting in the house (so sorry), no difference would be noticeable (I have tried it before). So you will have to take my word for it!!! It’s very good, my face did look brighter even my grandmother noticed it and was amazed and now wants masks for her skin type!!! So they work wonders and it’s something you can see right away, which I find very comforting.

After 30 minutes remove it and you can still feel your face filled with the product. Instead of just letting the skin absorb it by itself I massage my whole face and neck (you can add the rest of the liquid still inside the package) until it becomes sticky, yes sticky! When that happens I stop, wait a couple o seconds and voila: you skin smooth and bright!!! And NO stickiness!!!!!! There are cases where the mask will become almost dry by the end of the 30 minutes, however not on my case.

Demonstration finnish, final words on next and last post!!!!

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  1. thank you for the picture with the mask on! it looks less thick than the kracie ones, so hopefully it stays on better!