Monday, 20 June 2011

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 2

I will explain you how I used mine.
I’ve seen a couple of videos on youtube and people also use them right in the morning before going out, as moisturizer. Haven’t tried that yet. Mine are used by the end of the day, before or after dinner.

First of all cleansed my face, your face should be clean! NO MAKEUP whatsoever!
Open the package and you can feel the smell right away. You don’t need scissors, it’s easy to do. Be careful, I advise to do this in the bathroom. While removing the content (sheet mask) liquid might fall. The sheet mask is soaking in liquid!
The sheet is folded so you must unfold it carefully though I haven’t ripped any of them, so far. There is a plastic sheet attached that I removed. I think it’s some kind of plastic…
     Must look like this when unfolded. It still has the plastic attached. Unfold first and detach after
The first time I tried these, I only left them for about 15 minutes. This time, however extended to 30. Why, you ask? The apple masks came in a box and on the back there is a small sticker with English instructions on how to use it. But if you buy them separately, there are no English instructions.

My sister said the smell was very sweet and she had to be away from me. To me, it did not bother at all. I liked it. But every mask has its own smell, I don’t know if there are any from this particular brand that have no fragrance… I love their fragrances!
To be continued again int he next post (coming close to 4 instead of 3)

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  1. you've convinced me, I really want to try them now!