Monday, 20 June 2011

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 1

Hi everyone! Long time no post, I know…
Just a quick note: I will divide this post into two or three parts, due to layout issues!

They have finally arrived!!!! “My Beauty Diary” Masks!!!
This time the order proceeded without any problems.

As you can see, I have bought 3 different ones, two of which I had already tried and knew they were good. I ordered from Pretty and Cute, decided to give another chance, because packages do get lost sometimes and it’s not the shops fault. And yes I know, but paying around 30 euro for EMS with insurance, for something that costs less than 20, doesn’t work for me!
But everything went smoothly again. On the pretty and cute site they explain what each masks is for. Something like this:
Apple polyphenol: mostly for pores, but apparently helps with firming and moisturizing
Mixed Berries: Provides clean, tightening and even shine to your face (which I think it means that it gives you a healthy glow), although I don’t remember my skin being that shiny and when I first bought this one, it said it helped with acne, which it did. But that’s what says on the site now…
Strawberry Yogurt: oil control, clean and clear, whitening and moisturizing.
From all the choices, in my personal opinion, I thought these were the best for my skin type. They have made no allergic reaction whatsoever!!!!
This review will be about the strawberry and yogurt.
Adorable pink package with lots of strawberries!!! No English instructions. But not too hard to figure it out and if you search for the name of the mask it’s very easy to find.
Moving on to the next post, please do follow...

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