Monday, 20 June 2011

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 4

4 apparently!!!!!! With links at the end!
I love them, am addicted to these three masks! I only use them twice a week although I think you can use them almost every day, but although they have a lovely price, it’s still too much to buy them for everyday use. I went around a month without them and was going literally crazy, that’s how well they work and how good they make your skin feel!

I really want to order the boxes of ten sheets now, but first will order a cute and very affordable special pack they have on alphabeautyuk: 4 sheets of strawberry yogurt+4 sheets of aloe (convenient because my grandmother can try these) and 2 jars of cleanser (which I’m now dying to try).

By the way, the BB Cream still works wonders and when I spent almost a month without using it, to see what would happen, my skin got more breakouts and even my grandmother asked if had run out of the product. Still, I’m going to try a different BB cream this time. At first I thought about Kanebo, but now I’m going to try SkinFood, I’ve heard wonders from people that use that brand, all over the internet.

Pretty and Cute:

I have already placed the order from the second store, however I have no idea how will the service be. This store was given to me by a VERY DEAR FRIEND, that I met on poupee girl, and she never had any problems with that store. I live in Portugal, she lives in the UK, so will see. Hopefully it will go well. I CAN'T WAIT!

The link for the product I order, just in case someone might want to take a peek!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 3

You place the mask on your face like this.
I don’t have videos, as you know, but anyone can see how to put the mask on their face. It’s easy with the holes!!! You can’t miss! It’s wrinkled because it’s a bit too big but does the job anyway, the liquid is there! I have to readjust it around the nose and upper lip area because it tends to slip a little. But not a problem and that’s why I always have a towel around my neck to also clean my hands when touching the mask.

No before and after photo because of bad lighting in the house (so sorry), no difference would be noticeable (I have tried it before). So you will have to take my word for it!!! It’s very good, my face did look brighter even my grandmother noticed it and was amazed and now wants masks for her skin type!!! So they work wonders and it’s something you can see right away, which I find very comforting.

After 30 minutes remove it and you can still feel your face filled with the product. Instead of just letting the skin absorb it by itself I massage my whole face and neck (you can add the rest of the liquid still inside the package) until it becomes sticky, yes sticky! When that happens I stop, wait a couple o seconds and voila: you skin smooth and bright!!! And NO stickiness!!!!!! There are cases where the mask will become almost dry by the end of the 30 minutes, however not on my case.

Demonstration finnish, final words on next and last post!!!!

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 2

I will explain you how I used mine.
I’ve seen a couple of videos on youtube and people also use them right in the morning before going out, as moisturizer. Haven’t tried that yet. Mine are used by the end of the day, before or after dinner.

First of all cleansed my face, your face should be clean! NO MAKEUP whatsoever!
Open the package and you can feel the smell right away. You don’t need scissors, it’s easy to do. Be careful, I advise to do this in the bathroom. While removing the content (sheet mask) liquid might fall. The sheet mask is soaking in liquid!
The sheet is folded so you must unfold it carefully though I haven’t ripped any of them, so far. There is a plastic sheet attached that I removed. I think it’s some kind of plastic…
     Must look like this when unfolded. It still has the plastic attached. Unfold first and detach after
The first time I tried these, I only left them for about 15 minutes. This time, however extended to 30. Why, you ask? The apple masks came in a box and on the back there is a small sticker with English instructions on how to use it. But if you buy them separately, there are no English instructions.

My sister said the smell was very sweet and she had to be away from me. To me, it did not bother at all. I liked it. But every mask has its own smell, I don’t know if there are any from this particular brand that have no fragrance… I love their fragrances!
To be continued again int he next post (coming close to 4 instead of 3)

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 1

Hi everyone! Long time no post, I know…
Just a quick note: I will divide this post into two or three parts, due to layout issues!

They have finally arrived!!!! “My Beauty Diary” Masks!!!
This time the order proceeded without any problems.

As you can see, I have bought 3 different ones, two of which I had already tried and knew they were good. I ordered from Pretty and Cute, decided to give another chance, because packages do get lost sometimes and it’s not the shops fault. And yes I know, but paying around 30 euro for EMS with insurance, for something that costs less than 20, doesn’t work for me!
But everything went smoothly again. On the pretty and cute site they explain what each masks is for. Something like this:
Apple polyphenol: mostly for pores, but apparently helps with firming and moisturizing
Mixed Berries: Provides clean, tightening and even shine to your face (which I think it means that it gives you a healthy glow), although I don’t remember my skin being that shiny and when I first bought this one, it said it helped with acne, which it did. But that’s what says on the site now…
Strawberry Yogurt: oil control, clean and clear, whitening and moisturizing.
From all the choices, in my personal opinion, I thought these were the best for my skin type. They have made no allergic reaction whatsoever!!!!
This review will be about the strawberry and yogurt.
Adorable pink package with lots of strawberries!!! No English instructions. But not too hard to figure it out and if you search for the name of the mask it’s very easy to find.
Moving on to the next post, please do follow...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

lighter clothes

This weird weather!!! The storms that appear out of nowhere, heat waves and then winter days in between!!!

     Still using tights apparently! Must have been a cool day. 
  • Bershka salmon (not very well noticeable, but it's more salmon than pink) cotton shirt
  • Lefties (belongs to Zara, right?) short shorts
  • Lacy Calzedonia tights, which also work great for cooler summer days with most of my dresses
  • And my adored cowboy boots by Charles (it no longer exists and they are very old and very good for summer too)

Mostly happy.

Birthday has gone and I am now 29 years old. For some ridiculous reason I don't feel my age at all and everyone looks very surprised when I tell them my age. The day went by normally, my middle sister was already here and we went to pick up mum and our younger sister. A day spent with the family. We had a little adventure in the afternoon, though. Went for a walk after lunch with a glorious sunny day and then all of a sudden, everything became dark when we left the shopping mall.

Rain, rain and more rain!!!! Lightning falling in front us! Horrible storm that lasted for about an hour. The roar of the thunder made everything tremble! But we got home safe, a bit wet, but safe. Then the day became better again.

I finally placed my order for the sheet mask, 2 of each: apple, berries and strawberry with yogurt. Let's just hope this time everything works well. If it does I will not forget to make a review, this time
Also my “nail art” seem to last longer than the first time. I do use a lot of nail polish coats but I thinks it's not too many. The last time they lasted for 5 whole days, although I could have pushed it a bit further. But since i had a bit of free time Thursday afternoon, I removed everything and did them different. I think I got the right “formula” for them to last, always including gloves for taking showers, washing hair, washing dishes. Everything that includes hot water, use gloves.